I Just wanted to CRY

Hi Everyone,

I’ve just been onto the carers site and I read one post about a lady who’s husband has become aggressive, please read it. I didn’t know what to say to comfort her although I wanted to. I know a lot of others on here have got a much better way with words than what I have so please do take a moment out and answer it.

Thank you.


Aww bless you I will have a look, not sure if my words would help but I will try xxx

Thank you Karen



I`ll take a look too.

luv Pollx

Hi again.

I`ve read and replied to sj. What a really worrying and sad post.

i have tried to offer advice and hope some of my words help.

luv Pollx

hi janet

thanks for letting us know, i have just replied.

i will message you later probably by e mail.

love mandy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Thankyou Janet for encouraging others to help this lady. She and her children need much help and support at the moment and I’m not too sure they are getting this from family. I have been the child in this situation and although my wonderful brave Mum protected me from most of it I am accutely aware of the suffering she went through now I am an adult. If anyone can offer help, advice or support this would be wonderful.

DL xXx

Thanks to you all, I just couldn’t find the words to say anything and the tears were getting in my way just reading it. You know you’re all very special people. Thank you again.

Luv Janet