a little blue

I’m feeling sad. Trying to resist phoning my partner and doing all the girly things of saying I love you and miss you. Also trying to resist the urge of telling him what sort of man leaves just to keep his mum happy ( he’s gone back to his elderly mum and dad)he is worried that he’d get cut out of the will and he has no pension etc and he’s 53. She disapproves of me and has been cold towards him whilst we’ve been together.

hi anon

when is he due back?

sounds like you will just have to be strong.

meanwhile (((((hugs))))) you have lots of love on here

carole xxx

He’s gone indefinitely. Doesn’t know if he’s coming back. Don’t know if I should have him back.

Think you already know the right thing to do. Be strong and hang on to your ‘girl-power’. Let him work it out for himself eh? Why should you be the only one hurting here? Best wishes to you x

Oh hun, that is a sad time for you.

But if he prefers an inheritance to the love of a good lady…then let him go and hope he enjoys the money…cant buy him a good relationship, eh?

luv Pollx

Hey, Wow that is so shallow :frowning: sorry to hear your story, and hope you can get through it. I am drawn to post here because my relationship of ten years had a similar issue, my elderly parents had issues with my partner and the knock on effect was she developed issues with them. Unfortunately I was not given the option to prove my loyalty to the woman and child I loved so much, but if faced with inheritance or my future with my own family I would have kissed the inheritance goodbye. I wish you well in your new path, and if you don’t mind me saying, this one didn’t sound like a good bet for a stable future. x Paul