help please


im feeling quite sadscared2

ive just read a post on the carer forum about a carer for someone with spms, it seems that they have no support.

could some of you lovely people help, i dont know enough really to help practically but it breaks my heart that no one has replied to his post.

please help

username is "scottish xxxx"


mandy xxxx

Hi Mandy.

Thank you so much for posting about this. I've done a reply too now, but I hope others will too.

Come on everyone - this guy needs your advice and support!

Karen x

helloMandy & Rizzo,


I couldn't say anything other than my support of what you have said to the poor "scot" but hopefully will take your expert advice.


Janet x



thank you all so much for replying, it affected me deeply that no one had replied to such a post  and i was feeling pretty low about the whole thing

but ive woken up and seen that you lovely people have come up trumps again!

karen thank you thumbsup

and janet it doesnt matter if you cant offer practical advice, sometimes just to know someone cares about you is enough.thumbsup

best wishes

mandy xx