Don't know what to do!

Hi, sorry to put a downer in here, but I just don’t know what to do. I’ve had MsS for 15 years now, seems longer, it’s at the sp stage now and things are getting very difficult. I seem to have the knack of upsetting people closest to me, my wife and kids, who I love dearly, when they are trying to help. I think I am just so desperate to hang on to the little independance I’ve been left with. I don’t know what I should do for the best, the thought of going into a residential care facility destroys me, yet making the people I love, unhappy is worse. Sometimes I just wish I could flick a switch and disappear, without anybody affected. That’s it, just had to get it out. Sorry again!

i feel the same, if i cant do it myself i dont want to do it. i cant wait til bedtime every day.

Hi Anon(s)

I can only sympathise with your situation, it must be incrediably frustrating. Have you ever spoken with a disability counsellor? It can be very helpful having somebody un-connceted from your home life to talk too, hopefully finding a way forward for you with regards the future. I’m sure your family understand your frustrations and just feel powerless to help. Talking to each other about your emotions really will help, as hard as it is. I do hope things improve for you.