Just need to vent lost my grandkids taken by social work

Since January this year life’s been more than hard, my daughter had a mental breakdown, due to her husband raping her in her sleep,he sexually abused my darling granddaughter, and he took her some her at night and took her downstairs but my grandaughter had an asthma attack and vomited everywhere, and could not go on with what happened. He pushed his own son downstairs, he burned him with a cigarette, put his wee hand in boiling sugar.

This is going to high court in Glasgow but we do not know when. It’s this that started my daughter loosing control but she suffers from borderline personality disorder, depression and now ptsd .

in January she found a new boy through a dating site, he was so nice do we thought but it turns out he is a narcissist.he stopped her friends coming to see her, I got stopped going into her house. He was very controlling, he even had to go to the bathroom with her, but she is so under his control it’s us doing wrong not him and when he hits her she be,ieve s she deserves it ,

through him she lost, her children,pets,her home, her mind, she’s lost everything, she’s now homeless, living in homeless units but they move all the time because he’s violent and they get thrown out. I think ow they are in a homeless house, but I sm not sure,

her house just last week was emptied, it broke me as she livred next door and I had to watch her life being dumped, my grandkids toys all getting dumped , the last 11 yrs of her life being thrown away.

The day before her 30 th birthday back I. June she took an overdose and nearly died, she took full box amatriptaline, and was in intensive care, the day after the overdose social workers went in and made her sign the children over to them, she was not of sound mind as she had just tried to kill herself.

but social work came and took the children from me and my sister who had been watching them for 3 days previous to any of this.

i never got to see my grandchildren for 17 weeks and when I did I had to drive to a centre an hour from me and got just under an hour with them,

i have not seen them since, it’s been 23 weeks today since they were taken away, I saw all of them born, and every day in life, had them overnights.

took them to snd from school every single day. My sister at the time they were being taken was asked if she would take kinship care of them but told her they would not be asking me as I had multiple sclerosis. I have tried to fight them over discrimination over this but they are a law to themselves and turn things round to suit themselves.

i have written to my local councillor, msp, mp , Scottish government, plus plus many many more people. Not one person has helped, many have ignored my mail altogether.

and today I find out my sister their great aunt had a visit with them again.and found out I was only given permission at last minute last time, my sister did not even tell me, she’s been lying to me for months, and lying about me , best of all she does not even deny it.

i am trying to get kinship care of my 5 yr old grandson, he is not placed with his sisters, I asked for this 21 weeks ago but it was only last week they started some of the paper work, but it does not mean I will get my grandson.

i would take all of my darling grandchildren but I only have a home with 2 bedrooms, my sister 21 weeks ago said she would take care of the girls as she has a spare bed room, but 3 weeks ago she plucked up the courage to mention it to her husband he went nuts saying no, so she blamed me for telling social work she would take them, he called me a lying bitch, and trouble maker, since then my sister has not spoken to me, I was warned my sister was jealous of me, my daughter, my grandchildren.

she told everyone she was more of a mother to my daughter than me, she used to give her money all the time when I refused to give her it, but I gave her my love and my time.

My brother and I used to be really close, but makes sence now she was jealous of this too, my brother disowned me years ago, but will not tell me what I have done but it makes sense now, my sister has been lying to him too. She forgets she gave my lawyer a statement of her wanting care of the girls and she signed it,

but one day she will be found out, her lies will catch her up, she’s evil, my mum is bedbound with dementia and has cancer in her kidney, my sister has power of attorney of mums, and will not allow mum to be put in a home, instead she thinks it’s better leaving her in a bedroom with a tv on, eith careers 4 times a day, I think it’s cruel. I know I should visit mum more but I can’t, I was so very close to mum, snd that woman in that bed looks like my mum, but it’s not her inside, inside is a terribly cruel person who hits nips punches swears, my mum would never have done that.

but just on Monday I found out she had been rushed to hospital, with chest infection,my sister had everyone told I never went to see her, but then found out so my sister said mum got a blood transfusion and got out next day.

i also found out on Monday my daughter was in hospital rushed in the night before with a slash to her thigh, that she was rushed to theatre, to stitch it inside and staple it on the outside, and she might need another operation and skin graft, she had an 8 inch slash approx 2 inches deep. My daughter said she did it to herself, but I know my daughter and she’s cut herself before but I know she would not have done this to herself. I know it was him the boyfriend.

the worst thing is she’s still with him.

but what hurts the most, my sister knew that night and went to hospital saying she was next of kin.

what terrifies me is I do t get care of my grandson, and they get adopted and I never see them agsin. And I am terrified of police coming to door to say my daughters dead.

i have been advised not to fight social work as if I do they will keep the children off me, lie and they do what they want , you cannot win s fight with social work, even told by a group to be nice to them and do exactly what they tell me. But I was comp,sining and hsve found out the lies they have told, they told my daughter I did not want my granchildren, so that’s why my daughter attacked me . I drove her somewhere, and she met her boyfriend, she gout out the car grabbing me by the hair eith o e hand and punching my face with the other, then she got my hair with two hands and the boyfriend roared sorry Janice but this is gonna hurt and he pulled her as she tried to pull me from the car bu the hair, I was sitting behind the wheel with my seat belt on. Finally they landed on the ground I grabbed the door closed and locked the doors, then she took a stick and smashed the back window of my car.

i got to s police station and almost crawled in, could not see for the blood in my eyes, they were able to arrest her and due to me having a dash cam , it did not see the attack but heard it and she got charged, and p,Ed guilty. Police said by listening to tape they heard her punch my face approx 20 times, she ripped earings from my ears, my chains from my neck, chains my dad had given me before he died.

i do not know what sentence she got, ut I received no compensation. I had to pay the excess to have my car window fixed, cannot afford to repair my chains, and I have almost no hair on right side of my head, but all of my hair is now fine as everytime I brushed it more and more fell out, my head and face are still sore this happened on 28 th of August.

as a result I suffer flashbacks, nightmares, not sleeping, relive the attack over and over, but have not one more thing sbout this, offered no help st sll

​but I forgave her and even though I have taken a sorry cannot remember it’s name but it’s to stop her and him coming near me.but that does not help me reliving it.

shes never said sorry but I sm still here she’s my daughter and although part of me hates her, I love her, she’s off all her meds for her illnesses so this is what happens. She’s hit me all her life but I have never turned my back on her.

i just feel ai hsve let her fosn I was not there when she needed me most if I had been more of a mum I would have noticed her slowly falling apart.

but I now am falling apart, was seeing a councillor but last week I was told I had more than the allocated appointments with her and I could not see her anymore.

once again I need to face this on my own, my family hate me and just 9 wks ago lost my darlingmother in law.

so very sorry for the long post probably bored you sll


hi janice

i remember you posted a similar thing some time ago.

if so, i’m so very sorry that you are facing it again.

i am unable to help but i’m sending you hugs and wishing you strength and peace.

carole x

Thanks, just had to vent. Had to let it out xxxxxx