Ive Got Myself A Support Worker.

A few weeks ago I was trying to get help and made many phone calls and got no were and no help.Not one govermental or health providor could point me in the right direction,I was reduced to tears.

I even phoned Social Services Adult services to try and get help.

All my efforts were in vain and my final break down was when I was told your getting no help and if you cannot cope and look after your child then we are reporting you to Child and Family section of Social Services and remove your child from your care.

You ask and beg for help and you get NOTHING other than threats I will NEVER ask Social Services for help again.

Anyways I have good news.All the tears and upset were worth it in the end.

I managed to get MYSELF a Support Worker from Gwalia Care and Support who will be visiting me for upto 2 hours per week and for upto 2 years.

Yes its good news,just a shame there is not a direct one stop place you can find out what your entitled to and were you can go for help.Were you are not threatened with taking your child off you.

Lets hope Gwalia Care and Support can help me move onwards and upwards.


That’s really good to hear although what a shame it has to take such along time and heartbreak to achieve it.
Why should they judge someone asking for help so harshly as to suggest removing a child, I hope you have reported that throu official channels.
Julia x


Hi Jellybean,


Again your GP should put in a report to Social Services.  Any benefits ring the Benefit Enquiry Line 0800 882200.



Hi, what an awful thing to be told!

But yes, I too am glad you have now got help.

I once reported child abuse and was treated badly by the dept concerned!

I could give the child`s address and school, but because I didn`t know their name, I was told nothing would be done.

Honestly! there was a classic case of a child in trouble, yet no-one helped and here`s you, parenting with love and asking for help.

Makes me seethe, really it does!

luv Pollx

Thankyou Friends.

Its been so hard not knowing how to get help that is needed.

Never did I ever think that asking for help would come back with such a reply of we will take your child.Disgusting,to be honest I dont have the fight in me to even bother to report or complain.I am coping with my child she is pritty independant,if she was 5 and under I then think I would struggle.

The Support Worker will be a go between for me with Social Services,the Support Worker I am sure will help me find things out and point me in the right direction.

I just canot belive how badly some people are treated,I support families going through crisis with home life,poverty,social service issues etc.Eeeeshhhhh I help others fight for there rights and when it comes to myself I cannot fight back.

Well tomorrow is another day and lets hope it is a better one....

Hi, glad you finally got the help you needed and deserved. Not impressed at the threat of taking your child away, you sound like a mum who knows what she is doing, I know what you mean when you say she is pretty independent, I have a ten year and by the time they get to that stage there is plenty they can do for themselves.

At the end of the day a positive outcome so well done.


Thankyou Cheryl.My child is 10 and can do mostly for herself.I have a good child all her friends think I am the coolest mum who chats to them and dont talk down to them.I help one little ADHD child and make him proud of himself when he achieves.I think if it wasnt for this darn condition I would be up there fighting and kicking.

I just had enough of trying to fight back.

I am just tired,realy tired I need something to give me my fight back.



Me again Charlie, you do sound cool, it’s great when they get a bit older isn’t it, theres so much they can do for themselves and I think that’s a good thing too.


Cheryl I am the only tattooed and facialy pierced mom in the village.At my age I realy should know better than to mess with my body.Nothing keeps this metal rocker down for long.

Ive been to the schools concert tonight and the ADHD child sort me out and a smile on his face,I asked if he had been good today he said kinda,I said keep trying babe you can do it.He had such a big grin on his cheeky little face,he made me smile.

Im just worried about teaching her to cook,I dont mind her doing sandwiches or microwave but a gas cooker I am just not sure of.

Cheryl we just got to keep going,bad days come and go,we can do it and make things better.x



Oh Charlie, I love the sound of your tattoo and piercings, although have to say I don’t have any myself (other than ears).

The ADHD child sounds lovely, hope you enjoyed the concert.

Yes Charlie you have to just keep going.


He he he he.Thanks Cheryl.I must say the older geniration have been very excepting towards me even though I look so diffrent.Today a neigbour came across the road and introduced himself and chatted to me.He was an elderly gentleman but as fit as a fiddle for his age.

I do chuckle to myself as I am now vice chair of the new Tennancy Association and it was my idea to start one for our area.I chuckle as some who voted me on didnt even know I had tattooes.Its a lovely village here and many people are welcoming.

The little lad is naughty but I see praise given when he does good and stop being negative towards him he cannot help being naughty at times.He excells and tries harder with praise.The concert was brilliant however the comments and stares from some parents who should know better made my tremors so much worse and I tried to control them so my upper body then jumped harshly and my legs shook terribly.

What can you say but IGNORANT.

I am still cheeky with my mouth,MS dont stop my mouth opening before my brain functions and says no dont say that.

Im still ME but with a few extra quirks.


Can't belive how hard it was to get help Charlie, would never know we're in 2012. I hope you are getting the help you need now. 

Take care, good luck to you and your daughter, all the best

Love Wendyxxx

Hello Charlie,

                      I am really pleased as punch that you have now got a support worker, but I feel exasperated that you had to go through so much stress to get it!! I am genuinely amazed. You shouldn't have to jump through and hoops to just get something that is your perfect right. One plus point is though that you are at least on the radar now, and you would no doubt be able to increase these hours at any time if you need it.

                  Great news, best wishes,


Hi Charlie,


A while ago I tried to get help from social services and their response - too much caseload but could talk to me on the phone - but only when they had time!  I never saw one in person and they were as much use as a chocolate teapot.


I had to arrange help for my son myself via voluntary organisation, then finally through gp after waiting 7 months got  a referral to the department who should have been allerted stright away.  Even they tried telling me my sons diagnosis of some 29 years was wrong - I told them to argue it with the top paediatrician and all those involved in his education - of course they didnt - left me grrrrrrr.


Seems we have to cope regardless or find other means of support like you have.  I congratulate you however feel its very sad that the disabled cannot get help from one resource, or help at all, unless one runs up a massive phone bill or gives up through sheer frustration.


Sad state of affairs if you ask me for the year of 2012.


I do hope you have lots of conversations, help and support.  I wish you well, thanks for sharing your experience.




Thankyou friends,it has been a terrible journey and struggle to get help and shows if you try hard enough we can get something we realy need,its a shame we have to fight for things to get the help we need.

Bren I feel for you.My neice has been fighting since her son was a few weeks old to have his problems sorted out and they still have not given a diagnosis and he is 11 now.Social Services and one specialist made her feel it was all her fault and that she is a bad mum,she moved home and schools and now at last she is being given the help.

Surely there must be an easier way for us all to get help?

I still have lost of fighting to do and hopefully I will get the help and things I need to live a more decent quality of life.

I send my love to you all.