neighbours block the road in front of my driveway

Ive put this topic on before and been advised to get a white H bar installed outside my home. I got one last year to state ‘access at all times’ but guess what, Im still being blocked by the very neighbours who it was meant to tell I have a major problem.

Sometimes they take note, I must give them a little leeway however most times they ignore the fact I have a drive and home. They would rather I disappear I expect as they have 5 vehicles and 4 people living in the house.

Even my visitors cannot understand their logic of all those vehicles and the fact access to my home is difficult as it is, being in the corner of a cul de sac.

Im sat here typing this fuming. Now the eldest has a new girlfriend and even she is doing the same - grrrrrr.

I used to have to resort to ringing the PCSO after it initially didnt work - but now Im trying to sell so feel I should hold my temper and desist saying anything, because they do eventually move their vehicles.

Anyone else in similar position. The powers that be do absolutely nothing other than ask them to move their vehicles. They smirk and then revert back to their old ways as soon as the heat has died down.

Frustrated bren


Hi Ray,

What a brilliant idea, these sorts of people need someone with muscle to give them a piece of their own wrongdoings. Trouble is, I dont know anyone who can do what you say. If I move my car from my driveway Ill then be blocking my own white H bar. I shall have to start asking around if anyone could help me to do the same.

Even a policeman years ago told me to stick my car on the road in front of their home and leave it there. Council highways told me if I did that now with my newly installed white H bar they would remove it, thus I would be my own culprit. I cannot understand why councils dont have more powers to help people like us in the first place? Seems there are laws for anyone but not the person needing help.

Thanks, Ill work on that one.



How about you post your address on here along with the make, model and colour of their vehicles; and the nearest MSer (other than you) comes round and takes a set of keys to the side of their cars whenever they park in front of your drive!!

Joking obviously, but probably quite a cathartic thought for you.

All the best and hope you find a way of sorting it.

Mr S


I actually sat reading this wondering if someone had written this on my behalf (all bar the H painted outside your house!) but I guess our neighbours must be related or the world is full of ignorant idiots who care only for themselves… I have tried the polite method, the not so polite method, the legal method and (forgive me for thinking this one) if it carries on I might just let down one of their tyres after making sure I don’t need my car method :slight_smile: - not sure its legal tho but is their behavior? grrrrrrrr

A little drastic, but how much is the excess on your car insurance? Wouldn’t it be awful if you damaged one of their cars with your own whilst manouevering past it?

Luisa x

Mr S, Sally and Luisa,

How I would love to do their cars harm, imagine what has been going through my mind over the years this has been going on. Theyve even convinced another neighbour Im trying to cause trouble by complaining!!! The rest of the neighbourhood are well aware and often comment on their behaviour and my difficulty getting out of my driveway although none have said anything to them in particular. Where are the strong when you need em?

I would love to employ a tank and squash the lot of their car park and overspill. In fact I could go further but I would be banned from here.

Why isnt there a law protecting the disabled from such arrogant nasty who live in our neighbourhoods? Fancy having to resort to do as they do. I keep asking my guardian angel to do something about them but as yet, no answer. Ive even frozen an effagy of the main culprit. Am I just as mad as them?


Hmm wonder if motability do tanks…? Imagine no more parking issues home or out and about…no problems with inconsiderate parking…just drive straight over them all! I WANT ONE :slight_smile:

Morning Bren, I live on the school run, and have some neighbours, not my direct ones I have to say, they have 4 cars, this was happening to me, like you I got the white line put across the drive, now the neighbours don’t do it anymore, but the parents on the school run do, I’ve been onto the local council, who yes sent someone out for one morning, fat lot of good that did, so now I open my door and tell them to move, went out one morning because I was going out, a car parked across my drive man sat in drivers seat, partner across the road chatting away, I said to the driver in a polite way would you mind moving back so I can get my car out, I’m standing there with my stick, he was fine, her, well if looks could kill, mind you she got a pretty good one back from me, take care, Jean x

I’m fuming on your behalf here.

Look, if you are trying to sell and move, I’m not sure that you should expend too much emotional energy on trying to mend the ways of your selfish, ignorant tossers of neighbours. If they are the sort of people who would block you in routinely in the first place, they are (by definition) not the sort of people who will easily change their behaviour.

Great that you’re letting off steam about it! But please try not to let yourself dwell on it, now that you have plans in place to put the problem well in the past. As a friend says to me when I’m simmering abut something, ‘Leave it, Kevin, it’s not wurf it.’



We have similar problems. We have a vary narrow drive and people do not realise that there is a car in the garage!

On one occasion someone visiting friends down the street blocked our drive late one night. We phoned the police as my hubby was on shifts and needed to get out early next morning. They tried to contact her but as she was away from home that didn’t work so they towed her car away and it cost her to get her car back.

The amazing thing is that she came to apologise after she had got her car back.

I’ve tried putting notes on cars with varying affects from ‘sorry!’ to the usual 2 finger salute.

You could try telephoning them if you have their number and asking them politely - you could always say that you need to go out ungently would they like to taxi you as you can’t get out of your drive!

Good luck, Ann


Tell the neighbour you are getting a skip delivered sometime and if your driveway is blocked you will have to get the skip put in front or their house / drive.

It should keep then on guard for a good while.


These are all good pieces of advice that I can’t add to but want to say that I really do feel for you, I’ll keep it as polite as I can but what stupid, inconsiderate, insensitive neighbours. Easier said than done I know, but try not to let it upset you too much, having said that I would be upset myself, so no easy answer really. I actually think that sometimes there are some people who are jealous when others have something they don’t, whatever it is and it sounds a bit like your neighbours are jealous of your sign saying you need access at all times. Cheryl:-)

Hi bren, only just seen your post.#

I remember you telling me about this problem before. Do you think it might be putting buyers off your place, when they see all the cars?

Dunno what else you can do except ask them to move their cars whilst you get in/out. I know it would drive graham to distraction!

luv Pollxx