Hi everyone,

Hope you are all having a good day.

As we live 5 mins from the primary school, and our daughter works, between hubby and myself we take and pick up our grandchildren to school.

What realky p××××s me off is why do parents going to the school have to park on the pavement, making it impossible for me in a powerchair to get through the gap. Consequently, what should be a simple and enjoyable task, turns into a nightmare, whereby I reverse off the pavement and have to go in the road with the traffic, whilst the cars use the pavement.

Makes no sense to me at all.

Rant over, thanks for being there so I can offload.

Pam x

Must be annoying, Pam.

We have a similar number of half-wits at the school my kids go to who act in the same fashion, regularly causing me to trip up or bash into something/one.

It’s because they’re usually being too paranoid about getting their wing mirror slightly chipped, in the off chance an HGV meets another HGV coming the other way during the 5 minutes they are parked…grrrrr

Pam I feel for you. Some people are so ignorant. A call to your local police station may result in a pcso hot-stepping it down to the local school at drop off / pick up times and issuing some sensible words of advice. They tend to welcome this as a training tool for new recruits. All the best Neil

Hi Neil

We tried that and they want me to take photos, but I feel too vulnerable, cos when someone with a pram moaned about it, this poor lady was hurled so much abuse, it was disgraceful.

Sometimes it just makes you wonder what planet they come from.

Pam x


Sometimes it just makes you wonder what planet they come from.

Pam x

[/quote] The planet ‘Self’.

hi pam

i live two small roundabouts away from the local primary school, i also go swimming in the mornings with retired teachers last week there was a traffic jam the two roundabouts long with folk taking their kids to school at 9 when they should be already in class, one of them beeped me but i could not move any further but thought should you not get out of your bed earlier, when i told the girls in swimming they all shook their heads and said yep happens pretty frequently. So parking their cars on the payment doesn’t surprise me but the police can do something about this.


Hi Trish

I know legally the Police can do something about it, but we dont live on a main road, its a tiny cul de sac of bungalows, and even though it has been reported on numerous occasions, I suppose they have bigger fish to fry, cos they say things have to be prioritised, and the main road takes priority.

I dont think things will ever change for the better, cos people are selfish.

Pam x