Disabled Parking Spaces

Had to go to an open afternoon at the primary school yesterday, had a lovely afternoon. My husband and I arrived, parked in a disabled space in the school car park, put up blue badge, we were a bit early so sat in car for five/ten minutes. There are also a few spaces right outside the school that are designated as pick up/drop off spaces so I would never park in them, I.e. You briefly stop in them if you are dropping someone off or picking someone up, they are not for parking in. Anyway while we were sitting in the car waiting, a lady, who I know, who was going to the open afternoon, drove up, parked in a drop off/pick up space and went into the school. Btw there are lots of spaces in the car park, invluding disabled spaces. I’m not complaining but do people not look at signs or don’t they bother, just think that the woman was a bit rude. When we came out there were several other people parked in other disabled spaces and the drop off/pick up spaces. People really don’t bother, do they.

Nope :frowning:

We live opposite a school and we came home the other night to find someone parked across our driveway! After a 45 min drive home you can imagine I was a little desperate to get in the house… I had to get out of the car, wobble up the driveway with my stick, woman got in her car and drove off with no apology and by the time I managed to get the door open my husband had parked and caught up with me, we were both furious.

There are just a lot if selfish/stupid people around. And what can we do? We just have to try and rise above it…

Sonia x

Well, Upytupy, as we all know - disabled people simply don’t leave their homes after about 2pm, so all these disabled parking spaces would be freely available by late afternoon/early evening !!!



dont start me! theres a meeting locally today re parking/travel issues and i cant go-cos of travel/parking issues!!!

ellie x

Our local council wanted to issue resident’s parking permits at a cost of £40 per year, per car due to the problem of holiday makers parking down our streets in the summer season because the cost to park in the council car parks for the day is now £5 or more.

I saw red and gave the councillor a piece of my mind (I bet that surprised you since I am normally so quiet ;-)). It costs less than that in the nearest city where there is a problem all year round! I also researched what other councils do in seaside towns and it doesn’t cost anything near that.

Having had two relapses this year, I have had great difficulty shopping in my own town as I couldn’t get parked anywhere near the shops. There are free spaces for half an hour only but they are always full and I couldn’t walk far. I tried once or twice with my stick but ended up feeling tearful and vulnerable due to the tourists, with their pets and children running around my feet. They also walk five abreast on the pavement until I stop dead with my stick and look them square in the eyes with a look that says ‘where do you expect me to go?’.

I pointed out to the councillor that it would be more use to me if my resident’s permit also allowed a resident to use some resident’s only bays in the town centre so that I could use my local shops more often. I don’t qualify for a blue badge since the rules were tightened up as I can still walk more than the required distance (just slowly and wobbly) and my condition varies so much.

There was so much outrage including petitions and a demonstration outside the town hall that the whole scheme has been scrapped!! I think the councillor was in fear of what would happen to him if he pushed the scheme through

Tracey x