Blue Badge Parking Bays.

So, on a recent trip to Tesco there were no parking spaces free for disabled people. On looking at the cars parked there, I would guess that 50% were not displaying a Blue Badge. I assume the reason being as it was raining the bone idle dickheads thought they had the right to park there. I returned home without shopping and contacted Tesco to complain about it. Well the attitude was unbelievable. Basically they could`nt care less.

My question now is , has anyone experienced something similar and what route did you take ?

I don’t know where you live, Scudger, but Tesco is rolling out a scheme in some areas where drivers who park in disabled spaces without displaying a Blue Badge can be fined. It started in Surrey and is being extended to include 200 of their large stores. It’s certainly a problem I’ve encountered, although I’ve never complained because there’s nothing the staff can do about it. Hopefully that’s going to change.

There’s nothing to be done about it I’m afraid. It’s free car parking provided by the stores. Free because it’s not policed or monitored. Unless they contract a company (and this will then become a fee paying car park for their services ) to patrol and fine /clamp offenders it will always be the way. It frustrates me beyond belief!

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my local tesco has free parking with wardens who slap parking tickets on anyone who parks in a disabled bay without displaying a blue badge.

they also have a car park that is all for disabled people.

this is the way it should be everywhere.

carole x

Did they ‘not care’. Or was it a case of ‘their is little we can do’. If the person you spoke to showed no care or empathy I would suggest an email complaint or old fashioned letter.

It is not easy to enforce and on Youtube videos where people challenge those parking incorrectly in “disabled” spaces it seems that the response is usually ,“I was only there a little while” or “My entitlement to park is just as valid as yours”

I sometimes wish I had a taser so that I could help these selfish idiotsto actually need a disabled space.


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I am on lots of different places with this about 5 years ago I had a very big lower back issue. I had an opp and now ok. I could not walk without leaning on something. I ust to park by a trolley bay & get a trolley to lean on to get into the shop. Without the use of a tens machine I could not move from lying on the floor to standing.

At that time I looked at the disabled parking with longing. Only once when my back spasumed as I was trying to park did I give up and use the disabled parking. I figured that at that moment I was. (Once out of car I had to lye on tarmack in the rain for over 10 mins). It was a little embarising.

But…the reality is selfish people who think there time is more important than anything else, or… They can’t park, need to be less self centred.

I have strange ways of thinking. But… I would prefer to be disabled than a thoughtless, selfish person. I only never ‘key’ a non blue badge car in a disabled bay purely due to once using one with no blue badge but… Needing food but being physically incapable of leaving the house in reality.

The kind of people that park in disabled spaces that shouldn’t be (weather at tesco’s or anywhere else) tend to do it as has already been said because they are only nipping in for 5 minutes, they have a tendancy to think of themselves as very important,and their time to be worth far more than anybody elses!

Many years ago when i was taxi driving i was picking a young girl up from school in her wheelchair(now been married to her mum 10 years this May!),got there one day and found someone parked in the disabled bay that i used to load her in and politely told her that i used the space everyday as it was the safest place to load up a wheel chair from without endangering kayleigh from traffic and if she wouldn’t mind not taking it in future as she wasn’t disabled or have disabled passengers.She was less polite to me and stupid enough to park there next day!

As luck would have it after i had boxed this car in a staff member came out to tell me kay was running late as some sort of drama had happened,by which time the VIP was asking me to move as she was in a hurry etc,kay took quite a while and this woman got more and more irate(and slightly gobby) as time went on and i refused to move and sat reading paper then eventually probably 20mins later worked extremely slowly getting the chair strapped in etc. The next day she appeared to have learnt lesson but dont think i have ever seen anyone look so angry when i arrived tooted and blew her a kiss at the far end of carpark!


Our local Tesco has a sign saying people using the disabled bays without displaying badges will be fined. What a waste of time. The jogging suited sprinters, the high heeled trotters, and the general just got out of bed too lazy to walk brigade still use the disabled bays. I usually say something rather loud about the lazy, good for nothing bay nicking rabble but it goes right over their heads. I’ve never seen or heard of anyone gettting a parking fine… it’s all talk I guess. Thank you for nothing Tesco.

i got a parking ticket at asda for not displaying my blue badge.

i’d put in on the passenger seat so that i wouldn’t forget! need a better plan for remembering!

i appealed and the fine was quashed.