Disabled parking bays

Hi guys

i got so angry about people parking in Disabled parking bays, I wrote a post on my blog site, with a useful sticker to put on widows of cars parked illegally. Read more and let me know what you think.


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Hello Deborah.

You have certainly hit the nail on the head there! Our town doesn’t have traffic wardens. The local authorities claim that free parking does not produce a needs for them. Since when has free parking stopped the lazy and selfish?

As for supermarkets: I try to go with my scooter at non-busy times. But I have to negotiate the shelf stackers and their mammoth trolleys. For the ordinary shops on the high street, it would be nice to be able to browse instead of waiting outside the entrance and waving like a loon. Whether I’m in the Blue Meanie (my wheelchair) or Father Jack (the scooter), the odds always seem stacked against us.

But we keep going-always planning, never spontaneous!

Thanks for the blog, Steve. x

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Hi AL, great blog. I tweeted it.

The sign to put on cars parked in disabled bays is a great idea.

I am lucky that I live near a shopping mal built in the 80s and completely accessible. It’s not a huge one like the ones built now, but at least I can get around in there easily on mobility scooter.

When I’m well enough I love going round the shops in there… and there’s a Wilkinsons which is great to get around, and disabled toilet with Radar key.

Do you find self propelling your wheelchair exhausting? I can’t do it for long as my arms get so tired. Find mobility scooter much easier.

Pat xx

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I can’t self propell very far any more, l have a electronic wheelchair indoors blue badge bay’s make me laugh, I used to challenge people about why the thought it was okay to use them but am to scared to do that now.


Hi guys thanks for your comments, much appreciated.

I also think like the sign to put in car windows, that don’t have a blue badge, is a good idea I will print some out and leave in my husbands car, so they can be used. I would love to see this go viral,and everyone that has a blue badge carry these with them to be used.

As far as propelling myself in my new wheelchair, yes it’s very tiring ,but I’m trying to build up some strength in my core and arms, as that is the only exercise I get so will try and continue.Need to lose some more weight, but finding it so hard as every diet says you need to exercise by walking everyday, I can’t do that, will just have to try harder.

thanks to all of you. Keep well Deborah

Hi Deborah. I’m in full agreement. I have a blue badge but don’t always use it. Some days when I don’t have much to do and feel I’m up to managing without taking up a disabled bay I don’t. I feel that there’s probably people out there that need that space more than I do. I’ll admit that sometimes I pay the price for my bravery and by the time I get home I’m totally exhausted and the rest of the day is spent on the recliner feeling very sorry for myself, but otherwise I feel I’m not abusing my badge.

It therefore really angers me when I see people deliberately misusing both disabled and toddler parking bays. And the common excuse of “I was in a hurry” really boils my blood as no matter what I have to do or what time I have to do it in makes no difference as my poor broken body doesn’t do anything in a hurry.

Rant over, keep up the campaigning!

Cath x

As a wheelchair user I’m frequently frustrated with the amount of pensioners with Blue Badges who really don’t need them (I was once pushed over on my sticks by a biddie who shoved past to get to a till, and then saw her reversing out of a disabled space with her Blue Badge displayed and yet was very able bodied), and people like ‘white van’ men and those ‘I’m just nipping in’ hogging spaces.

I know it’s a bit rude but I’ve used ‘penalty notices’ from the website ‘You Park Like a C’ for a few years. Happily ticketing offenders and posting their abuse online.

I did like the recent spate of wheelchair protests in a few carparks around the world.

I wholeheartedly agree with everyone’s views on people without blue badges who park in disabled spots.

However,I’ve noticed recently that people with blue badges are also being criticized if they don’t use a wheelchair.

I do use a wheel chair but I had a blue badge when I still used a stick and it was as important to me then as it is now.

I’m sure it varies from council to council but in my area it is not easy to obtain a blue badge.

Therefore by critisising any blue badge holder we are falling into the trap that so very many healthy people do…just because a person looks well it most certainly does not mean that they are.

It saddens me to think that we can’t be more supportive and understanding…I mean don’t we get enough misunderstandings from the general public without picking on each other?



I have a blue badge its really necessary with having a wheelchair and hoist… but its getting increasingly hard to find some where to park I try not to judge because some people have an invisible illness… my daughter is 24 and has severe Autism and mental health shes in a residential care home and has done some crazy things i still remember her sitting on top of the bonnet of the car parked next to us in a supermarket car park unfortunately the car was occupied!, Im glad she’s got a badge but i’m sure some people would wonder why seeing her able to walk… but i still feel theres more chance of her getting run over on the car park than me.

Michelle x

In my motability car glove compartment I always carry some papers telling those who don’t dispaly a blue badge (and park in a disabled spot) exactly what I hope will happen to them in the future.