government meddling again - warm homes scheme

I used to be on British Gas ‘essentials tarrif’, which gave everyone with a disability/pension credit extra discount on both electricity and gas. However the government came up with an idea suggesting it may be spread further and wider to cover more families, so BG in their wisdom worked out a discount of £130 to be deducted from bills between December and March. However they had to finish their essentials tarrif to cater (thus drawing in more people as instructed) In my case the essentials tarrif finished this year (some had it removed last year) Then I read up comments from others who were taken off their essentials tarrif last year as to what implications there may be. Get this - people in general were put on higher tarrifs, yet after still getting the new discount (last year 2011) most have see their bills increase by £660 per year!!! (and thats WITH THE DISCOUNT), supposedly to stop fuel poverty!

Now Im left using my utilities frugily because I no longer know what to expect when my bills arrive and if what Ive read is true, then we have just had an increase of £14 per week on gas & electricity utility!

There only seems to be one winner when it comes to deciding between the health of the people and profits - and it aint uman beings who are put first at any time.

Watch this space because its coming to a town near you very soon.

be warned