18 quid for lightbulbs! (not ms)

I have strip lighting in my kitchen. Of course they all go at the same time. I used to buy them local, didnt mind the odd one in with my shopping, however now they can only be obtained at one place, a distance away and boy had the price gone up when I found them.

18 quid and boy was I shocked, but had no choice but to buy them (for 4 that is).

Is there anything which you hate forking out for? To say there is a recession perhaps I should light a candle when going in to my kitchen in future.



Miners helmets with the torch are coming back into fashion Bren.,


Seems nobody is interested in the cost of living!




I pay £5 for one here!

I hate forking out for sanitary products-I never asked to be a girl-tho on reflection am glad that I am!!!

I live a fairly simple life so not much ‘extras’ in this house anyway. Food, heat, and lighting take priority over all-and I have to pay for those!

If I could have anything at all-it would be a chef!

Ellie x

There is a lot of apathy,but I don’t want to talk about it.


Hi Bren If you live near an electrical wholesaler, try them. Mike