urology appointment

Just had my follow up appointment, after the December bladder investigation. It was done due to severe bladder spasms and bypassing. Nothing was found wrong, apart from too big an opening twixt urethra and bladder. I was put on betmiga bladder calming med, as oxybutynin weren’t doing the job.

I must say there is no nasty mouth and throat drying side effect like with oxy. Since going on betmiga, I have bypassed just twice.

I told the doc I occasionally get a pressure feeling in my bladder, as if I might bypass, but don’t. So he prescribed a drug called toterodine (I think), to take alongside betmiga when I want.

So after telling doc I am generally very happy with my suprapubic catheter, we decided to discharge me.

Now if anyone is Halifax/Huddersfield way, I thoroughly recommend Mr Bryan…a brilliant urologist, with the kindest and most caring bedside manner. Told him so too!

Luv Pollux

PS Lucy has had a better day and is on liquid frusemide for fluid retention (only £61). She is eating again.

hi poll

great news. thanks for sharing although i’m not up your way.

it would be good to know patient’s experience with all the different experts we see.

good that lucy is eating again.

carole x