Urodynamics test done, Botulinum injections today

Well I manged to do the urodynamics test, I was a complete mess but the nurse & Dr were very good and did all they could to put me at my ease. There were parts I did find painful, very embarrising, and several puddles, it took about an 2 hours including talking over the results.

They found I had both severe stress and severe urge incontence . So I asked the question “is this connected to the neurological problems I have been experiencing?” The Dr answer was if I had had a stroke, parkinson disease, MS, he would say yes. As I do not have a Dx( only possible RSD as a working DX) I would need to speak to the neurologist about it, as he knows nothing about RSD.

I have been put on Detrusitol XL 4mg one a day and will here from the continence nurse to arrange physio shortly. He wants to get the Urge IC undercontrol and then maybe consider surgery for the stress IC in the meantime, give up caffeine, lose weight & Physio.

Then later in the day I get a call if I can come in to have botulinum injections in my leg to releve the dystonia in my foot. So later today that is where I will be.

I would be interested in what physio would involve & also if anyone takes Detrusitol XL

I took it for a few months. At first it was quite effective but eventually it became much less so. Am on the third switch of medication now - vessicare and that is going the same way.

Hi Twist

I have been taking Detrusitol for a few months, having suffered increasing urgency for several years. I have found it works well and felt like I jhad got my life back. Unfortunately after taking it for a couple of months I was precribed Bacofen for another problem and this seems to undo most of the benefit I get from the Detrusitol. If Detrusitol doesn’t suit you I think there are other medds you can try.

Good luck with it.


Thanks for the input will let you know how I get on


Hi Twist Well done on getting through the urodynamics testing! I’m glad it’s all over for you and hopefully it won’t have to be repeated! The best thing about it is that they have got you started on medication straight away and hopefully you’ll see an immediate improvement in your quality of life. Good news! Teresa xx

Thanks Teresa.

I’m still very unsure about going further with this but hope the drugs will work.


Hi Twist I am always unsure when I take a new drug but you can only try it and see if it helps. I gave up caffeine and missed ‘normal’ tea for a while but you very soon get used to it. It sounds as if physic could be helpful, do you think you might have a go at the weight loss? I guess you can try things out, if they make difference it must be worth it? I hate the bloody bladder problems the most, they are horrible aren’t they? I think it’s worth trusting the uro dept to steer you in the right direction. Any improvement would make a difference wouldn’t it? Good Luck and wishing you an improving outcome. Thinking of you Teresa xx