Sleep apnea, Tizanidine, TVT & the Pill, Help!



I have just been Dx with sleep apnea, and  I am waiting for an appointment to see the consultant. Does anyone suffer this and how have you resolved it? 

Having seen my general medical consultant last week when I just broke down. He is arranging a MRI of my neck. He is also sorting out some one to help me deal with everything that has happened psychologically as he feels it is taking its toll. ( which is true but not that keen on seeing a shrink) Can anyone share their experience of this. 

He has also contacted my neuro about putting me on tizanidine for the cramp/spasms. Does anyone use this? 

He has written to my GP as I have an increase in symptoms before and during my periods. He wants me to have Depo injections but when I talked about this with my GP 6 months ago he felt I was to old and was not keen to do this. Also I suffered had high blood pressure when I was on the pill many years ago.

I have also been Dx with Urge & stress incontinence and my urogynocolgist want to do a TVT operation to correct the stress incontinence, as soon as the Urge incontinence is under control with drugs. Has anyone had this done? 

I am not Dx - So along with the Blespharospasm that effects my eye and head and the dystonia in my foot and hand, and the pins and needles, burning and crushing feeling I have,  I just don't understand why they can't tell me what is wrong with me and what the cause of all this is. two and half years ago I was fit and healthy. 

I hope you lovely people can help with some of my questions and I'm sorry to moan, but I really have had my fill of it at the moment. 



Hello Twist

I am not sure if I can be of much help but  I have had some similar problems. I used to find my symptoms worse before my period, I am now menopausal and taking HRT to control hot flushes. I have recently been prescribed Tizanidine to help with spasticity in my leg, only on 2mg per day so far, no change yet but no side effects either. I have had urge incontinence for many years and am now waiting to have my bladder botoxed, Detrusitol worked quite well for a long time.

Do not apologoise for moaning, you are not. You have just had a lot to put up with and it is hard. I  hope your GP is helpful and supportive, and that you get some answers soon.

You have come to the right place. I hope someone else can help a bit more.



Thank you Carol, my consultant has also talk about Botox for the urge incontinence but at the moment the 8mg Detrusitol seems to be doing the job. I have botox in between my toes to try and stop my toes curling caused by the Dystonia in my foot, which has helped a bit & also around my eye to help to ease the blespharospasm.

It would appear from my internet research all of my issues could relate back to the brain stem. I wonder if they will be able too see what is causing the problem when I have my neck MRI.

I hope I will be able to try Tizanidine, but so far we have not heard back from the Neuro! 

Many thanks



I really don't think you'll be reffered to a shrink!  I have taken advantage of the psychological help I've been offered.  Which has all been with psychologists not doctors.

I've had counselling and Cognative Behavioral Therapy.  And anti-depressants, of course.  The couselling helped a bit, but the CBT has helped me challange my beliefs which do more harm than good.  Not my religeous beliefs!  My belief that if at first you don't succed try, try, try again.  Until you fall flat on your face in a heap.  I feel so much better now, and have some belief that I can live a good life through all of this MS rubbish.

Give it a try please.  It can make a huge difference.

take care,