over done tizanidine

The last few days I have increased tizanidine only to 10mg in two stages for mg at night six mg in morning yesterday a hour after morning tablets trouble breathing and hallucinating, cut back today and calling TO tomorrow. Won’t stop taking as could cause stroke, fun times the hallucinations were fun Heather and my daughter were frightened son had to help me to bed where I slept and woke up fine

GP Tomorrow blooming predictive text

I just couldnt tolerate tizanidine. When I collected the perscription from chemist I took a tablet immediately and then decided to call into tescos. When I was loading shopping into car (about an hour after taking tablet) a feeling suddenly came over me as if I was going under anesthetic. So I quicky got into car and was out like a light before I could count to 10! I then heard my phone go and it was my daughter wondering why I had not picked her up from school. I looked at my watch and realised that I had been out cold for 2 hours in a tesco car park.

I tried it one more time and again eactly one hour later I “disappeared” whilst in the middle of a conversation with a friend!

This is why I am going to try the baclofen pump.

Take Care

Moyna xxx

Moyna I am going that way, I dont fancy the operation but I need to be able to move

That sounds really scary for both of you. What is the drug supposed to do? I know my tablets have made me drowsy at times, especially when doses were being adjusted but I’ve never been doped up to the point I’ve blacked out in the car. I have had hallucinations but that was with cough syrup many years ago. I’d definitely discuss those reactions with the ms nurse. Good luck with it.

Cath xx

Cath Tizanidine is for spasticity it is susposed to make me move better

Thanks Don. It sounds very potent, I can’t have anything for spacticity and that’s one I won’t mind missing out on.


Hi Don,

I found this site called MS World. I think it is American and there are loads of positive reports on the Baclofen Pump. People are saying that they wish they had it done years ago.

Over there it is more common than here as the American insurance system pays for it as opposed to the NHS. When I read the reports there were people whos foot drop became 80% better because ot was just due to spasticity. I really think that is the case for me as the FES only lifts my foot up the same amount as I can do myself. the physion says my calf muscle os preventing it from lifting more.

The reports are so postive I want the operation yesterday. Forget these oral drugs which go into our blood system and turn us into zombies.

Take Care

Moyna xxx

thanks Moyna I am waiting to hear about the pump