Tizanidine any one on it?


Iv’e been upgraded from benign to SP - was expecting it as my legs have got so weak, but still

being told isn’t easy to take.

Neuro decided to change me from baclofen to tizanidine as muscle weakness is getting to me.

Anyone on tizanidine and any comments about it? Have to reduce baclofen gradually -otherwise

nasty side effects.

Thanks Jen x

Hi Jen I tried tizanidine more than ten years ago. I persevered with it over many many months but it made me so tired I gave up with it eventually. Basically I needed a sleep after I had a tablet. I work so that wasn’t great. Btw I don’t usually feel sleepy or fatigued with my ms so it was definetly the tizanidine making me tired. On the plus side, they did help with my stiffness but for me I was better stiff than asleep. Sometimes I think I should try them again cos I am even more stiff nowadays. Cheryl:-)

Kind of weird to put you on a muscle relaxant if your legs are weak, but he’s the expert!

I tried tizanidine last year as a supplement to my regular dose of baclofen, but had to stop because of side effects (dry mouth, nausea, vertigo). Just as well really because the thing I was taking it for (neck & upper back spasticity) turned out to have another cause!

I do know people who swear by it though so please don’t take my experience too seriously - you may be absolutely fine on it! (And I was taking it on top of baclofen.)

Karen x

Thanks everyone.

Sorry Karen - should have said I have awful stiffness in my legs, and have done for years, hence the baclofen.

School hols coming up so I can try things out when I don’t have to work.

MS is strange - you often forget some of the symptoms as you just learn to live with them.

Jen x


Tizanadine is better than baclofen only cos it is effective for longer. I have been taking baclofen for years 2 * 10 mg tablets. Started to get serious spacticity in ankle, I have serious drop foot, and was up for dawn chorus too often for comfort. Take both baclofen and tizanadine.

Neurologist put me onto Tizanadine 2 weeks ago and seems to be working. Still the odd bad night, this one is first for 10 days, its now 2 in the morning.

Like baclofen you need to increase or decrease dose gradually and it takes a while to get correct dose - its called trisal and error.

For me no obvious adverse symptoms


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I take both tizanidine (2mg) and baclofen (10mg) 4x a day really helps with the spasticity :slight_smile:

I have MS hug with muscle spasticity in my back gp wants to swap me from baclofen to zaniflex does anyone have any experience of this,and how effective was it?

I have been on zenaflex for more then 7yrs and when I get flare-ups’ it takes it away good for insomnia.

Zenaflex helps me alot for my flareups


Here is an interesting thought. Several years after taking Baclofen and Gabapentin and Tizanadine for neuromusxular pain and foot drop I replaced a MuSmate with a FES - Functiothnal Electrical Stimulator. The consultant insisted that I stop Baclofen and halve the Gabapentin It was not easy but it worked. The consultant added that I did not always know where my feet were because of the Baclofen and I did not need Gabapentin during the day.

Its interesting how you are put onto drugs and only taken off them if you have a bad reaction and not taken off them because they are redundant or causing more problems than they solve.

I do still sneak the odd Baclofen if my legs become very twitchy or restless.



Hi Jen

Im on Tizanadine 36 mg a day it helps with my spasms but makes you very sleepy.


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