2 and a half years ago, I lost the feeling in the side of my face for about 7 weeks and was getting lots of weird sensations in my body’s long story short I had an MRI scan which showed some lesions and they called it a clinically isolated syndrome and told me to keep an eye on it. Since then it has been up and down and on and off, I get numbness and tingling in my lower legs and feet, my arms and my face and recently a weird pain behind my right eye. I’ve kept putting it off, but I’m going to see the doctor this afternoon as I want to be referred back to the specialist. Any advice or tips? I know something isn’t right :frowning:

Good luck Hun. You’re doing the right thing getting it sorted. You need to know some answers now. It can take some time, if you read some posts on this forum you’ll see that a lot of us have been waiting. Don’t give up with it, as at times it can be so annoying :s You need to see a Neurologist, so that’s who your Dr should refer you to. Hopefully you’ll get a diagnosis soon. We are all here for you xx

Hi MelFoyle As Beverly F says things can take some time but you’ve done the right thing and got the ball rolling. Let us know how you get on x M

You should also get yourself referred to the ophthalmologist - that weird pain behind your eye could just very well be Optic Neuritis. ON (in me at least) feels a bit like having a toothache in the back of your eye, and the classic sign is that the pain worsens on movement. For me that meant that it hurt when I looked up and to the right. It may be worth checking the vision in that eye by using an Amsler grid (google it)…

Good luck with the docs appt.



sounds like your in a similar situation to me… i just posted into the forum about my own story…

im trying to get into see a neuro again at the moment… its so fustrating though :frowning:

Just to add to what Leah has said about ON, try doing a colour vision test online with the affected eye. Sudden colourblindness or dulling of colours in one eye can be an indicator of ON also

PG x


sounds like your in a similar limboland position as me…its not plesant (diagnosed cis in feb13) im currently waiting to see a neruo as I think im having another episode, no eye problems but i too have the tingling and numbness. Sound like you really should see someone and possible get another mri done asap to see whats going on.
hope you get some answers soon :slight_smile:

Thanks for all the lovely comments! It’s reassuring knowing other people feel the same. Just got back from the doctor and I have been referred, seeing a neurologist in 2 months. I’m glad I decided to go back and get the ball rolling! I didn’t mention in previous post, but I also get spasms in my face, another reason to get checked. Hoping for another MRI to see what’s going on. Xx