eye problem

hi all

i have been having some strange things going on with my eye

the only way i can explain it is it feels like i’m looking through a tube in my right eye,like the tube of a smartie box,it also feels strange/numbish feeling around my eye socket and sometimes the vision feels a little bit cloudy,i dont have no pain except for a crawling feeling sometimes around it.

Does anybody else have any similar feelings

thankyou all x

Yes I have this on and off… my vision over the last two years has gone very strange indeed.

I had no idea anything was wrong until I saw the Optician in April and she noticed I have ON… So I’d say go see your Optician as they have all the tools to look at what could be the problem.

hello mamaowl thankyou for replying,i did go the optitiions they said its proberly migraine as i was getting alot of pain behind the eyeball but that was 2month ago,ever since i had that 1st attack my eye hasnt felt right since

My advice would be to see your optician again and your GP. Maybe you saw your GP after the optician suggested migraine? When I had what was finally diagnosed as optic neuritis, I had more of a problem with my tunnel vision in one eye, but no pain. My mum has glaucoma and I know that this usually affects periferal vision, but did worry at the time that this might be my problem. I will say it took a long time to go through various tests at the eye hospital before they sent me for an MRI that confirmed ON and multiple lesions on my brain. I wish I had gone to my GP as well as my optician and would suggest you do the same.

By the way my vision has almost fully restored itself, it was the complete numbness of my foot that finally got me to the GP and speeded up getting the results of the MRI (eye hospital postponed 2 post MRI consults!) Keep your GP in the loop, they will be your best advocate if further tests are needed.

Take care x

thankyou larks.i will be going gp’s today,i’ll proberly be fobbed of again