eyeball socket

hi everyone,i’m having some weird sensations around my eyeball socket,dont know if it feels numb or whats wrong with it,it just feels so strange and just doesnt feel right…this has been constant for about 4 weeks now,its not painful although i do get abit of pain in my temple,this is just 1 of my many weird symptoms

Maybe a visit to GP to get referral to eye specialist wouldn’t be a bad idea? Get it checked just in case it’s neuralgia or something else. Always a good idea to get these things checked x

ive been the docs twice beverly,it started by agonising eyeball pain for a couple of weeks with loss of vision in my right eye for a couple om minutes,then i started getting pain allover my face,that also lasted a couple of weeks.

1st time i went the docs they said a trapped nerve 2nd time said migraine,that was 4/5 weeks ago,i told my neurologist when i went for my 1st appointment about 3 weeks ago,he didnt give me any answers and asked what the doctor suggested it was and he wants me to be admitted in hospital while he does a lp and other tests

my symptoms have cleared up now but i am left with this weird sensation around my eye and the odd tingling in my face,i was just wanting to know if any of you have had similar problems

Well, I’m getting over a relapse that was one of the worst I’ve ever had. Apart from the cognitive issues( unable to see properly, objects distorted, unable to comprehend anything etc), I had numbness in me left leg, left arm, and left side of face. Now, although the numbness has eased off a lot, I’m still left with weird tingly patches on my face. Feels like the left overs of a local anaesthetic. That’s the closest I’ve had to strange sensations on my face. I’ve had vision problems before, like a burning feeling at the back of my eye and blind spots, but the optician looked in my eye and said it all looked good. So not sure what that was? All I know is this condition gives me lots of unusual symptoms :s x


when I was first set to hospital with what turned out to be diagnosed as optic neuritis the were doing all kids of tests and one docto asked me if I had any pain. I said a slight pain ‘inbetween’ - not my eye or my skull, but just under the eyebrow, inbetween the bone and eye. No idea what this meant at the time but after this I was sent to neuro. Few years later and waiting for my neuro scan. My symptonot quite the same as yours - though my eyes looked fine too as, I think, it’s not so much just the eye as other nerves an brain stuff - but thought this may be of help.

All the best.