Uncontrollable itching of Scalp

Hi all,

My hubby has PPMS and has uncontrollable itching of his scalp.

After seeing a dermatologist in 2017 and various creams and potions which didnt work, they have come to the conclusion it is my husbands MS that is causing it and nerve endings.

Has anyone else suffered or still suffering with this and if so what have you done to try and stop it?

My husband is making his scalp so sore.



i rubbed coconut oil into my scalp and left it on overnight. i don’t know if it worked but the smell was divine and i slept well for the first time in weeks. itching usually happens when the skin is dry (in people who don’t have ms). moisturising even if it does no good, won’t do any harm. i swear by coconut oil. so rub coconut oil in and you’ll both dream of hot, sunny beaches!

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Hi there,

Yes I tried that and all the other potions given by the dermatologist but nothing helps him.

I have just emailed the MS nurse to see if they have any ideas.


Worth trying a bag of frozen peas? Or a bag of ice? Seriously, I find that chilling the affected area is the best thing for MS itching. I get it in my hands mainly, so it is easy to run them under the cold tap or put them in a bowl of ice water, but for itching elsewhere some sort of an ice pack would work better. There is lots of practical advice (about sports injuries, mainly) on the Web about how to use ice safely - protecting the skin, not leaving it on too long etc.


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Following Alison’s post about cooling, perhaps you could try getting your husband a new pillow, one designed to keep the head cool, and maybe pillow cases too.


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Hi Alison,

I have heard that cold may help before I may just get the old frozen peas out for him.

It is throughout the day and not just at night.


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Hi Sue,

I have thought about getting a Chillow but it is during the day also that it happens when he maybe in his wheelchair.

I am at my wits end with trying to sooth his head for him.


I’m in the process of trying different things recommended by my GP for exactly this problem. First off she gave me Nizorel shampoo then she prescribed Betacap scalp application which after a week or so of using I found it made my scalp sore so I stopped using it. I have since bought T/Gel shampoo while waiting for another GP appointment. I am determined to continue the GP route before accepting my MS is to blame.

Your husband has my sympathies it’s yet another thing to make our lives miserable. I’m going to ask my GP if she thinks Antihistamine might at least alleviate the problem has he tried this?

Jan x

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My husband was prescribed the following to be used in order. So if one didn’t work try the next…None worked.

  1. Emulsiderm lotion

  2. Dermovate Cream

3.Doxepin 5% cream

I just thought, you can get a cooling towel. You soak the polyester towel in water and it apparently stays cold for hours. You can tie the thing round your head like a bandana. It may not look very gorgeous, but could help if cooling the head is useful. Have a look at https://www.amazon.co.uk/polyester-designed-sensitive-absorbent-microfibres/dp/B01IR0XS0I (presumably available from elsewhere too!)



he uses T/gel and on antihistamines 4 times a day… Not a thing helps… ARgggh so frustrating watching him scratch. I will invest in adult scratch mittens next. I know what he will say to that… LoL

be wary of chillows.

that heat wave last year had both hubby and me unable to sleep for the heat.

so i bought us each a chillow.

absolute bliss but mine burst during the night and we had a soggy bed.

and it wasn’t my bladder to blame this time!


Oh dear…i am not laughing honest.

Almond oil rub it in his scalp and leave it for a few hours, then wash off with a good kind and gentle shampoo. When mine is really bad i just rub almond oil straight on scalp and leave it there. The trouble the more you scratch the sorer your scalp gets and i find the almond oil calms it down.

It is a form of dysesthesias and itching is called pruritus. Anti histamine can help. below is a link for general itching caused by illness it might have something in it which could help.


I have one area which will drive me mad suddenly. In between my two fingers like chill blains and i scratch and scratch then i found that a hydrating lotion really helped i just used it in desperation lol and after 2 days my scratching calmed down.

I know the scap itching is a nightmare. Almond oil is natural and really works for me.


I tried loads of things thinking it was scalp related eventually given a small dose of Amitriptyline at night! Peace M x

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If it’s neuropathic pain then one of the medicines to treat that might be appropriate, as hellMS says Amitriptyline or Gabapentin, Pregabalin, or Baclofen.

Gabapentin had to stop as mad his face droop like a stroke. It came back after stopping and it didnt work.


I am not sure if this post is too late for you.

I have seem to have over sensitivity in some nerves and scalp irritation is one area. I suspect perspiration is creating my problem and my dermatologist prescribes pro-banthine for me. Non of the other drugs help. It is unconventional, but since they don’t rearly know what causes scalp dysesthysia, the proof is it works for me. If I can provide any help, let me know.



I have just registered and left a post which isn’t showing. Maybe administrators are checking it.

Basically my dermatologist describes my condition as skin dysesthesia. It gives me lots of sensory sore problems with my scalp as well as my whole body.

I use a feather pillow, which is much cooler than a man made fibre pillow.

I use Wash & Go shampoo, which is the only shampoo mild enough, every morning in the shower.

I think my perspiration causes the irritation in my scalp, so my dermatologist prescribes pro-banthine for me. Two 15mg tablets take about half hour to work and last several hours… It is unconventional, but works for me.

None of the other drugs work.,they just make me into a zombie.


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Hi Sorry have not been here in a longwhile.
Yes i have since learnt it is the MS itch.

Not a lot helps but tried quite a few things.