Itchy scalp and face constantly

Hello everyone,how are you?I’m new on here. I was just wondering if any one sufferers with a constantly itch scalp and face it’s driving me absolutely mad I don’t know what to do anymore xx

Hi Lugs, welcome to the site. I have a itchy scalp - feels like something is crawling over it but not my face. I use a shampoo called Nizoral but I’m not sure it helps. Sorry I cant be of more help, maybe someone else has better information.
Take care

Thank you so much for replying :blush:I’m feeling quite low at the moment between the itching and pain but trying to plod on. I hope you are well xx

If anyone knows a cure, please post it! I’ve had intermittent issues before, but my head’s been itching nonstop for the last 2 weeks, and I’m about to go insane.

Hi, Lugs I am new to all this. This my first posting on anything ever.
I have times when I itch like hell over my face and scalp. It is not a constant thing it happens every so often but often enough for it to be an irritation. Something helpful, I find, is a damp warm flannel pressed over itchy bits on face. Failing that a Piriton tablet can sometimes help to ease an itchy scalp and face.

I started last year coming out in hives and itching,dont know if its the ms or not,but i stupidly put most things down to my ms,i find when its bad an anti histamine helps mine.i aslo seem to be allergic to a lot of foods now that i never was too,so annoying.

Gabapentin stopped my itchy scalp, it also stopped my restless legs. Unfortunately I recently changed to Pregablin which while it helps better with the pain in my foot doesn’t work as well on my itchy scalp or restless legs.
Just another of life’s unhelpful curveballs!
Jan x

I spoke with the dr last time I went for my Ocrevus infusion as if developed an itchy head and other areas, specifically after I’d had a shower. He said it was aqua something (I can’t remember) but he recommended antihistamines so I take one on an evening and that helped massively!