Air fryer, itchy scalp

Just when I thought nothing else could go ‘t*ts up’, along came itchy scalp. I wanted to claw at it fervently, finger tips to save breaking the skin. Then pain in my non MS leg (left), they seem to happen together. Any ideas folks apart from I am going mad, be kind I was suppose to get an ‘air fryer’ yesterday. This may answer some of my problems with cooking, shelves at the wrong height, boiling liquids etc. Watch this space… Take care, be safe M x

Im the same, have itchy head and my non ms leg (left) has been giving out and swells up …possibly arthritis? oh the joys

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Duloxetine, I mentioned itchy scalp to Consultant and GP… nits was the suggestion! Strange they are only active at night?
Guess what, Duloxetine can cause skin sensitivity.
I was reading our pages on problems with PPMS makes you feel humble about what some of you are going through. Mine is minor but annoying. Take care be safe. M x

I very nearly opened this subject again, because my itchy scalp was driving me mad, I tried Google (This time

Chronic Itching May Be Overlooked in MS, Says New Study

National MS Society › News › Chronic-I…
](Chronic Itching May Be Overlooked in MS, Says New Study: Some Treatments May Help | National Multiple Sclerosis Society)

23 Sept 2022 — Researchers at the University of Miami found that 27 of 77 people with MS reported experiencing chronic itching (also known as pruritus).
Do you know why it’s little know??
Because it’s embarrassing and people think you have nits. Take care Mx

Thats very interesting. I was getting embarrassed hoping people don’t think I have lice or don’t wash.
I thought it was dry skin, never crossed my mind it might be my ms.
I got an air fryer and love it. My daughter found a conversion table for times and temperatures and I printed it out. Less burnt meals for me.

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Another itchy scalp sufferer I’ve been through my hair so many times with a nit comb :joy: the itching on other parts of my body should have led to a logical conclusion that it wasn’t nits but hey ho it doesn’t stop me :joy:

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Just wondering if any of you with itchy scalps have had a change in your hair? I ask because I had straight hair for 40 plus years - even a perm wouldn’t hold it was that straight…now I have curls…no idea why. The only thing I can think of is the itching. Its not my medication because it started to go curly before i started on meds, and i’ve since changed and no difference to hair…Any other ideas?

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No idea on that one I’m afraid but I think hair becomes more coarse with age :woman_shrugging:t2:

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Hi it’s NOT nits! MY theory is, it’s when you’re trying to sleep and relax our body thinks what can I torment her with now…
MS sucks but it won’t kill us, take care be safe M x

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Hi Cath
Itchy = Neuropathic, it’s just a thought!
I gave our air fryer to our son glad you are having less burnt meals:)
Take care guys be safe and smile. :slight_smile: Life is a bitch and then we die. Love M x

Sorry I have again forgotten to just give a single reply, noted

I always put it down to psoriasis, something else I thought MS brought with it. I buy a itchy scalp shampoo which helps but isn’t great

I have dry itchy skin including on my head. As I’m bald I can tell you that it isn’t nits!