Two days away paying for it!

Hi Everyone I was away for the last 2 days, visiting two elderly relatives. It meant travelling by train + London Tube (& the associated walking :frowning: ). I was so thankful for my Fischer-handle stick (thanks to all who recommended it :slight_smile: ) as it gave me a lot of support. Two friends accompanied me on the Tube to help with the case, which was fab of them, + I booked Assisted Travel on the main train to get help with getting the case on & off. Unfortunately, I’m now paying the price for the trip … bad gripping, stabbing pain in my legs, + fatigue that hasn’t had the energy to even hold a proper phone conversation. Spent a lot of time in bed today. :frowning: Was sad today that something as simple as visiting family could be so hard, and it takes days to get over it. However, I’ve now realised how thankful I am to still be able to even think about doing it - I know many of you on here are not able to. You’re all an inspiration, and just wanted to say how grateful I am for this site which helps me get things in perspective. Just a silly question (I should know the answer) - How do I send a PM? Can’t seem to find where to do it :roll: Many thanks, Bren xx

Hi Bren. Travelling is a real killer :frowning: And the Tube? ARGH!!! I hope you recover very soon :slight_smile: To send a pm to someone who’s posted, click on the little pm icon at the end of their post. That takes you straight into your messages section (and quotes the post). To send a pm without using a post, you need to go there yourself. Towards the top of the page you’ll see green boxes with “User Control Panel”, “new messages” and “View your posts”. Just click on new messages. Then click on “compose message”. Fill in the name of the person you want to message and then type away. Karen x

Thanks so much Karen. I’ve replied to a PM before, but never initiated one - now it has all become clear :slight_smile: Am feeling a bit better in myself today, 'though upping the Pregabalin to cope with the pain :frowning: I know I need to give it a few days to calm down. Hope you’re doing OK at the moment as I know you have bad times too. Take care & thanks again. Bren xx