still in limbo but in a better place and bought some

nordic walking sticks and they fold up and can go in a bag. Can’t wait for them to arrive and booked to go to Austria next month. I can buy a pass that will cover all bus rides, trains and cable cars for a week. With the bus stop just outside the hotel, I intend to make full use of the public transport. And if I feel brave enought the same pass covers outdoor pools in the village. Austria here I come!

Visited the Nuero yesterday after the unsuccessful LP which I apologised for, but he was not concerned I did not have it, so all the worry of his response was unfounded. He said I may never find out what I have but he is seeing me in 6 months and organising physio in the meantime. I have told him about the Parkinsons in the family, can’t beleive I did not tell him sooner. Hey Ho life goes on.

Just ordered some Christmas cards too, from Different Strokes website…

Catherine xx

Austria eh!! Good for you!! Beautiful country - I’m jealous as hell!!

Glad he’s organisng physio for you in the meantime - so hope it helps you x I always feel as long as we are getting some sort of effective treatment for the symptoms we can cope with the long waits inbetween appointments, tests etc

Anyway enjoy Austria - keep us all up to date on your adventures there!!


PS - CHRISTMAS CARDS!!! Noooooooooooooo! You are way too organised!!!

Jen you have made me smile, thank you…and yes I will fill you all in on my return.


Holiday sounds great. You go and enjoy yourself and try to forget about neuros and tests for a bit, eh?


thanks poll I sure will