Getting there fast

Hi all, well since moving house on the 20th oct and being diagnosed on the 23rd its been all go!

The kids rooms are finished and my room is almost finished thanks to my very good friends piling

into my house last Saturday.

Myself and my hard working BF went to devon for 2 days break on Sunday, when we returned yesturday

he started working on the house yet again. He will have to go home Thursday as he is back at work

Friday but this last 10 months i don’t think i would have got through without him.

I am still waiting to hear off the MS nurses to start treatment and have an interview at work Friday with

the union as i do feel they have not believed i was ill since January. My god my life has never had so

much going on in it but i have took advise from all you lovely people and am staying as calm and stress

free as i can.

Sonia x

Hi Sonia It seems like you are really doing well and taking control. Well done you. It also sounds like you’ve got lots of great support. Good luck with the interview at work - hope it makes them understand what you’re going through better. Teresa xx

Hi, what a busy time you have been thru and are still.

It is exhausting when moving, without having an illness as well.

Well done you, on remaining calm and good luck with work. I had a shock when I became ill and some work colleagues didnt believe me either.

luv Pollx

Thanks all, had the Doc’s yesterday because my right leg is agony. Can’t bend my foot up because of

the pain it causes up the side of my calf at the front. He said it sounds like the nerve? Any body else

have this?

sonia x

OH and i now have a complete bedroom but need the energy to sort my clothes now lol

I had similar pains and when he started me on Baclofen it made a huge difference to life. Baclofen and amitriptyline are my life savers.

Glad the house is coming along nicely, and make sure all the issues that concern you workwise are recorded.

Keep strong