Two and a half years on (Not MS but it does affect you)

2 ½ years ago, the new Government (I avoided the word ‘Elected’) promised that their number one priority was to tackle the deficit, reduce borrowing, halt the rot and bring the UK economy back out of recession. This would be achieved by fairer taxation (political speak), control of spending and the introduction of hard hitting austerity measures (smoke & mirrors) in the short term to kick start the economy again. They promised that essential services would not be compromised and that the vulnerable sectors of our society would be protected.

They also promised to stop MP’s from dipping their fingers into the till and if caught, they will be properly dealt with (political speak).

2 ½ years on the deficit has continued to increase. The rot has spread further with more big companies going bust and the ugly sight of boarded up shops, pubs, office blocks etc everywhere. Government borrowing has reached record levels and ealier this year exceeded 1 Trillion pounds for the first time ever. We have experienced the longest economic recession ever known with no end in sight (a so called triple dip recession). Austerity measures (even more smoke & mirrors) have now been extended until at least 2018 (short term?). The rich have been given tax breaks. Spending on essential services has been cut with still further cuts to come. The vulnerable sectors of our society are easy targets and therefore continue to take the hardest hit of all.

Meanwhile MP’s are still being caught with their fingers in the till, they’ve just created more elaborate ways of hiding it (smoke & mirrors). Oh yes, they are being dealt with properly all right (political speak). They lose their position in parliament and have to take a sideways move to another parliamentary position with a slightly lesser political profile.

2 ½ years, come on now. A class of primary school kids could have done better than this. Instead we have a bunch of public school boy’s seemingly on a bit of a jolly old gaff for five years or so, a real Eton Mess we now find ourselves in!


Unsurprisingly, I tend to agree with everything you say and believe this Government is pursuing an ideological agenda, not because they need to, but because they want to. No doubt a grateful electorate will give their verdict in two and a half years time.

I thought this article was interesting. George Osborne, this isn't bad luck | Alistair Darling | The Guardian

It just stands to reason that priveliged public school boys are not the right people to be running a country, surely that’s obvious.

I was sent this excellent link that, although a parody, is incredibly true in so many ways.

I really enjoyed it, I hope you will too.


Thanks for the link Bill and found it most amusing. I suppose Gideon can’t help looking like a Regency Fop, but he could do something about his vicious policies.


Spurred on by your post, I checked the original from the last election and it seems even more chilling today.

I knew this would be on your wave length when I posted it. Whoever created these videos is a genius, the thing that amazes me is how totally accurate they are.