Another disabled person commits suicide because of benefit cuts

Well it’s happened again; while people are lauding MT; because of the same ideology this Tory Government are making disabled people commit suicide because their benefits are being reduced.



so sad, disgusting that people are driven to such desperation.

This is terrible, I wonder if those responsible have any sort of conscience about it? In my heart of hearts of think not, which is a shameful indictment of our society.

this is a terrible incident yet again , and sadly nowhere near the first or last , just read the link George, and at the end someone made a point “shame on the coalition , and shame on the labour government for bringing in atos” , looks like there’s no escape from it all ? that last statement includes all parties now doesn’t it

So so very sad, another life gone because of unfair cuts. Its like screaming at a brick wall with this useless gov.

We will be back asking atos for euthanasia packs as part of plan B.

Yes Achord I fear for politics as a whole. This is not a Party Political Broadcast but there is no society if the weakest are not looked after by the strongest.

It is NOT computer science to solve this worldwide financial mess. Everyone says we need growth to overcome this problem. You only get growth by businesses making money. This means people spending money so the answer is give people the money. £2,000 should be given to everybody above the age of 16 who earns below £60,000 per year. They will spend the money on bills, rent/mortgage, consumer goods etc. making profit for businesses and thus creating growth.

It is pointless giving large tax breaks to millionaires. They will spend the money in Monte Carlo or in a third or fourth property in sunnier climes.

This would cost 40-60 billion pounds but it should be remembered that the Bank of England (BoE) has made £375 billion in Quantative Easing (QE) so far that the banks should to business were supposed to lend to receive to create growth. Also business would not have to pay interest on the money.

Yes a few will waste the money on drink; cigarettes but this will still be creating growth. Others could afford to put the money in a savings account but this is only doing what the BoE are doing with QE

In Europe 11 of the 27 member nations have been given the green light to start a Robin Hood Tax; unfortunately our Government said NO. A less than half 1p in the pound tax on every transaction involving bonds, derivatives etc. (i.e.: not in your high street bank) would raise £100 billion per year (see

While we have a Chancellor who equates the country’s budget with that of a household budget saying “in times of austerity we must cut back on our spending” we will have a long, bleak future.

The answer to any bank that wants to move to, say, Hong Kong is simple. If they move they will not be allowed to operate in this country. I’m sure you would get agreement on that in the EU.

Please comment on this; give your views.


Hi, it`s all just so terrifying.

I am in the first throws of filling my esa form in.

I`ll need help as some of the questions are difficult for me to answer.

I have someone coming from a disability charity coming on Saturday.

If I lose money, i may have to sell my home and beg the council to re-house me.

My hubby has shed blood, sweat and tears making this bungalow suitable for my needs.

The words of Mr Mc Cawber come to mind about so much in and so much out and the ensuing consequence.

luv Pollx

sounds good George ,

I’m all for new ideas on solving long term problems, and to be honest all the current stuff isn’t working , and no I don’t believe the rich should get extra breaks , though I see it in a simplistic view perhaps , that whilst they’re earning millions , their % per pound still accumulates to a tidy sum of money , but then I’m only referring to their personal income , I think my main concern is that some large companies/organisations get away with ‘no’ tax

but anyway , there’s not much I disagree with in what you’d written , except one condition perhaps , that the £2,000 had to be spent here in the UK ,