Grandmother's suicide due to Bedroom tax, have we already written about this?

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I haven’t been on the site very much lately UTI and ms hug prevented me from sitting at the computer.

I was just wondering if there had been a discussion on here about the 53 year old grandmother with Myasthenia gravis, who sadly took her life last week, she was so worried about paying the extra rent and not wanting to leave the area where her friends were and knowing that she couldn’t possibly live on the money she would have left after paying this tax, that she took the only way out (that she could see).

. On hearing the story I felt appalled that the government (including Lib Dems) can bring something in like Bedroom tax without any thought for the vulnerable. When I read that she has Myasthenia gravis (a neurological condition). It made me very angry indeed. She may have been able to claim from a fund set up by the council but obviously no one had advised her of this.

Sorry but what ever your political persuation (our MP is pretty good and he’s a Tory)! if you have any sort of compassion, you must feel as I do that with all the wealth in this country it’s a poor b…shame, RIP Stephanie Bottrill

Sorry if this has already been discussed.

Wendy x

-I too was sadden to hear of this womans suicide. Also dont know if its been disgussed before cos ive not been around for a while either. What lengths to go through but even more distressing what made her think it was her only way out of such mess. Could it be that nobody was listening or nobody cared?

I know from friend that this special funding is miniscule and that out of those who have applied for help only a few will get assistance, so people are trying to resolve the issue however nobody seems to be listening, nor are there funds for everyone who is affected due to disability etc. She may have known this and perhaps the government are trying to divert attention from this sad event away from themselves and what theyve done to people on low income.

Hate to say this on top of this sad news, but wait until the PIP is in full swing - how many more will feel life is not worth living due to being penned in at home with no income to get them outside to socialise & take part in normal life and yet still disabled (but not in the eyes of the stringent PIP criteria).




Thank’s for that bren, you are right; just dreadful.

That’s one way of getting rid of the problem of the disabled I suppose!

Wendy x

Yes, it is a shameful state of affairs. And we live in a country with the best welfare system…or do we?

luv Pollx

Where has it gone Pat? people have been lulled into a force sense of security I feel and are too busy worrying about their families getting by, to worry about others - shame.

It does make you wonder Poll

Wendy x

It is for exactly these reasons and the political decisions being made that make me so fearful of voluntary euthanasia being made law. The more governments bring in onerous and punitive financial laws the more disabled and vulnerable people will feel the pressure and may succumb to choosing suicide as being their perceived ‘only way out’. If voluntary euthanasia is legal how much more pressure would people feel then than to choose that option? It scares me. I can see the insidious effects that the combination of all these laws may have.

These are not good time to be disabled. Here in Australia we are facing a change in government to a conservative one. And I am very fearful for the future in terms of disability support requirements being tightened up, our financial security being undermined and more restrictions and more onerous requirements being placed on us.

This woman’s tragic outcome serves as a reminder to us all to never take things for granted and always try and stand up for our rights. As Pat said maybe we should be taking to the streets. The poll tax certainly brought down the Thatcher government. We, the disabled and vulnerable can only be pushed so far.

Sadly, rights are not intrinsic. They have usually been hard fought for and must be vigilantly maintained.


You are so right PossumSaver, rights have been so hard fought for we must fight to keep them and not be sidelined to balance the budgets of governments. It is the wealthy who are being protected and why, because they are the paymasters of all governments, but when it comes to picking on the weakest, well words fail me. Life is becoming cheap, we must not allow it!

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Sadly, rights are not intrinsic. They have usually been hard fought for and must be vigilantly maintained.

You are very wise B. Sometimes I do think it would be good to be able to have a ‘Dignitas’ clinic in this country but as you have said; it’s the next step to making people feel so guilty for being a burden and the state sure are making us feel like a burden. I feel guitly enough as it is and have kinda changed my mind about euthanasia. It’s funny that when these things happen to you, your try and make the best of things, what keeps most of us feeling positive is being able to pay bills and eat well.

I recently attended a funeral where the chap had MS and had been very poorly for a number of years.

He could do nothing for himself and was fed by a feeding tube in his stomach. It turned out to be a very depressing funeral because although his quality of life was not that good. His devoted wife did everything she could to keep him going, she was asked several time if he should be resusitated and always said yes. She was devistated by his death and will take a long time to get over it.

Wendy x

Disagree entirely with the ‘no voluntary euthanasia’ people. There must be some way to help people in pain; possible bedridden; who have a vegetable existence pass on if that is their wish; while safeguarding and helping people possible being coerced into suicide.

I think the only way to guarantee death is by plastic bag over your head. Ask yourself; would you prefer to come home one night and find your loved one with plastic bag over their head; blue; tongue hanging out; or sit with them; hold hands talk about the good times;; say a prayer if that’s your belief while their life slowly passed.

I don’t know how this lovely Lady committed suicide but if you feel it is your only way out you will one day succeed.

There’s not a lot wrong with our Welfare system; the fault is we have a Tory Government.