Disabled in my vision ? Not MS

Hi Squirles,

I was thinking ! As you do when you have the sensitivity of a cat, and the brain of a mouse.

It’s troubled times we live in and most of it of our own making.

Or should I say Greed and Government ?

Lets get this clear I’m referring to the world we live in.

A broken planet, slowly pondering towards glbal economic melt down.

We watch out politicians frailly try and solve the problems.

Do they know how ?

I do sometimes ask myself if I would trust the people who drove the bus off the cliff the first place ?

Or should they be allowed to drive again with supervision.

The Visionary part is the bit that is missing.

Yes weve got ourselves in a fine old mess as Oliver Hardy would have said; and the politicians will of course blame each other.

So what do we do to fix it.

Are we in it together ~ ?

Think of others before ourselves ?

I saw on the news that some disabled people just won a court case regarding cuts in care.

Well that’s a promising start isn’t it ?

I wonder if the local authority will try and appeal the ruling ?

They probably would in Brent.

Now ! where is that hot tin roof ?

Mr Mouse ~ Cheese time

And be kind to each other.


what a fantastic country we live in mr mouse.

we recycle by shipping our waste over to india and china ( out of sight out of mind)

injured disabled servicemen are now apparently going to be sacked ( to save money)

the nhs isnt national ( its a lottery as to what treatments you are allowed depending on where you live)

benefits are been cut left right and centre ( what a great way to rid society of the vunerable through neglect)

noone seems to give a toss anymore apart from the sensitive souls that battle on as best they can, and noone listens…

i had 2 letters through the post this morning, one from the ms society and one from the ms trust, both begging for money from me,( the very person they should be supporting, not making me poorer than i already am )

what a woderful world we live in!

ive got the crackers, you bring the cheese and lets go hide in that mouse hole in the skirting board til we smell the coffee. x