David Cameron speech

Morning all, just reading Mr Cameron’s speech on BBC news website and was very interested in his last point, “the long term sick will be expected to take steps to improve their own health” Now nobody told me he had a cure for me. I’m going to write to him today for the magic potion ( I’m hoping that gas is not involved!) Still, if he doesn’t have it, of course my unsteady body, lack of memory and inability to spell now, even though I have a very good honours degree in English, will prove very attractive to any prospective head teachers who would be stupid enough to empty me. Ho hum, come on fellow msers, what steps would Mr Cameron have you take?

Ha ha, that should say employ! Did warn Mr C about my spelling!

ive stopped watching what mr cameran has to say now when i watch the news. i just turn it over. he really realy gets to me now. when he first come in i thought well give him a chance as our country did need sorting out but his blatent attack of the poor, deprived and sick of this country is terrable.

Hiya Chis

Mr Cameron is the bloke that left his daughter in the pub, isnt he?

“the long term sick will be expected to take steps to improve their own health”

Sorry if I have misunderstood-but isnt that what we in fact do? We take medications, use aids, whatever in order to improve our health, to manage each day as we can.

I have no idea of the context that he said this and am just interpreting it as I understand it. I take steps to improve my general health, I aint daft enough to think that it will make my MS go away.

If I have misunderstood (which is entirely possible!) then my apologies

Ellie x

On April Fool’s Day BBC radio 4 did a news item saying that old people would have to do exercises to ‘earn’ their pensions. Exercise machines were to be installed in post offices so they could put in some extra exercise while waiting to collect pension.

I thought ‘blimey, hope Cameron isn’t listening… will give him ideas’…

Seems like he was listening after all but decided it would work better for the long-term sick.

Pat x

All these speeches at the moment he is trying to appease ‘the right’, (just said a swear word I never used to say as I b… this up and had to start again.

Mr Cameron is very like Tony Blair, good at rhetoric and nothing much else.

You are right Ellie, I spend most of my time managing my MS particularly my bowe/bladder and have had to wait ages to see the continece nurse. She rang up to cancle yet another appointment and asked if I still did want to see her. I said yes I really think I need some help but must say I do most of it myself.


oh man! what an ignorant arse he is.

i try very hard to make my legs stronger. i go to the gym but end up feeling depressed when i can’t manage 5 minutes walking on the treadmill.

it’s a long, hard, uphill struggle to manage the physical side without having the psychological trauma of trying to afford to pay the bills.

believe in karma and hope it bites him on his smug arse

carole x

This out of touch posh boy should concentrate on tackling the serial tax avoiders in the Country and save some serious money. Mind you, his own inherited wealth comes from his father’s dubious practices in this respect, so probably best to stick with Jimmy Carr.

Tories do these things because they want to, and not because they have to.

If you really want to frighten David Cameron and his Government ask him," How many people in the UK have MS?"

If THEY don’t already know all they need to do is tell evey PCT to 'fess up how many people with MS they have on their books. A quick check to make sure there is no duplication or triplication of individuals and Hey Presto.It might take nearly a day for a bit of button pressing to reveal the figure.Limbo-landers don’t count,but even if somebody was diagnosed 40 years ago,then never saw another doctor,they are still in the system,or SHOULD be.

A figure of 80,000 has been bandied about since the 1950s,but I believe it to be much higher. No Government has ever provided the true figure 'cos it would reveal a giant hole in funding for MS services.

The MS Society should be pushing for this figure but it suits them not to ‘rock the boat’ and actually do something to help their membership.


G O B S M A C K E D !

What a complete and utter ass.

What’s truly scary is thinking about the number of people thinking/saying “hear hear” to it. I am quite confident (and very distressed to know) that there were many. I despair of this country these days.

Karen x

Hi Ellie check out the bbc news website for the ful speech and make up your own mind, it was the speech he gave on benefit reform. Yes I too take meds, exercise, and avoid benefits, but I am very fortunate, Lots of people just like me who haven’t had the advantages in life that I’ve had and I truly worry for them. Chis

I would ask him to give me back my job with my local authority ~ from whom I was unfairly dismissed according to a tribunal judge.

The judge did add that in the real world I had not been capable of work since 2004.

The word hypocrite springs to mind, but there are others.

What an ignorant man. Does he really think that we can all hire Mystic Meg and Mother Theresa, as that seems to be the only possible steps we can take to “improve our own health”? That man really gets on my double Ds.


What makes me laugh is when he said: welfare claimants were now the something for nothing culture! Well Id like to know where carers fit into his image of scroungers. They do what they do for love, because they care, and dont have any life as such of their own, I call that taking advantage of nursing care at third world rates - also forgive me if Im wrong, but dont millionaires get the winter fuel payment to offset against their tax returns, after finding an island somewhere to make sure they dont pay more than 1/2% tax, are they getting something for nothing?.

Double standards. The man needs to live in the real world. When someone is suffering they are truly suffering, unless we are all in an imaginery play just to screw the darn system, in which the .ankers got there first, followed by politicians via expenses loopholes.




I can’t believe it. He must think we’re all a bunch of shirkers who just pretend to be be Ill 'cos we want to. I’m speechless! Teresa xx

Well, I know he probably won’t even read it but have sent Mr Cameron an E mail on behalf of us mser’s if I do get a reply from number 10 albeit from one of his minions I will let you know !!! Karen x

[quote=“karenwolff50”] Well, I know he probably won’t even read it but have sent Mr Cameron an E mail on behalf of us mser’s if I do get a reply from number 10 albeit from one of his minions I will let you know !!! Karen x [/quote] Good work Karen. Teresa xx

Are we long term sick? I thought we were disabled.

Well, I have to say that I have type 2 diabetes and am very overweight. It doesn’t take a genius to work out that if I lost weight my glucose control would be better and maybe I could reduce my drugs, get out more and generally have a better quality of life.

Which isn’t the problem, is it?!? I need help. If I didn’t I wouldn’t be overweight in the first place!

Is David Cameron just going to say ‘help yourself and lose weight’ or to do something to make it easier for me because I’m more complex than just being overweight! He’ll probably tell me to exercise more, and then tell me to be very carefull because could fall over and break my hip or something.

Funnily enough I don’t take much of what David Cameron seriously. (Just fear)

These are plans for the next government - maybe he’s hoping his back benchers will love him again and the general public won’t vote the Conservatives in again so he won’t have to carry on clearing up the mess?

Shame people like us will be in total panic and pushed further into depression? BTW for us less well-off it’s our fault our Daddies didn’t put their income into a tax haven. We’d be able to look after ourselves properly…

ooo - I’ve gone all militant socialist again!