Cameron cares

From yesterday’s Guardian:

​Also links through to this, which I missed last November:

Ye gods!


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He is so vile only a mother could love him. Oh wait what’s this -


He-he! Yes, I saw that.


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Plus his Auntie gave an interview on TV, on the same lines as his Mother!!

Dear me Dave, even the family are on your case…time for you to throw in the towel…and take your ‘cronies’ with you! A one way trip ANYWHERE springs to mind.

Pam x

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Hello Kev.

You know, his brother defended Rebekah Brookes in court. And Gideon’s brother’s sins are bubbling to the surface. Iain Dunkin’ Donut is beginning to get paranoid and Eric Pickles is still fat. (Very fat.) At least we have an excuse for weight gain. What a hideous gang of glory hunting money grabbing human rights abuse sympathisers.

Abd on that note…