Yes, I have four tubes sticking out of me now. Tired prevents elaboration. Steve.

Ooer, four tubes. Show off. Some of us only dream about having one, others are envious of two. You do have to go one or two better Steve.

But seriously, I hope you’re Ok, have thrown off the buzzard infection and are getting to grips with your new plumbing adaptation.

So many of us are thinking about you, even having conversations about you between ourselves! ‘Haven’t heard from Steve, hope he’s OK!’ ‘I wonder if anyone has his contact details?’ Etc. You are so important to so many of us on the forum.

Look after yourself.

Sue x

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Hi Steve

You have loads of positive vibes coming your way from lots of people on the forum, so take care and get well soon Steve.

(((Hugs))) gentle ones.

Pam x

Hi there,

also hoping you’re doing ok and sending a gentle hug

Sonia x

We are all ‘rooting’ for you Steve. x



Aw Steve. Every sympathy and good wishes going your way, and yes, you are missed x

Four tubes. Half man half octopus.


Gentle hugs coming your way. As someone else has said. You are very important to people on this forum. Hope you are feeling better soon. Anne x

There used to be an indie band called Half Man Half Biscuit - I wasn’t a fan or anything but your octopus comment made it jump to mind Hope you’re still hanging in there

Sonia x