Tsunami in a teacup..

Every morning I carry my teacup (not too full) and saucer to my comfy seat. This morning it started with a little tremor then a slightly bigger tremor, I stopped to steady myselfDamn, just as well I had a saucer, take care guys be safeM

Hi M

I have a two handled mug, but I still manage to spill half the


Hope you have a good day.

Pam x

Hello good people. I cannot exist without tea and my comfy chair, yet losing half of it when passing the mug from shelf to surface whilst I staggered alongside was a real pain. Since retirement I have pushed the boat out to have certain helpful items including this trolley: item 91100619 from the Mobility Superstore. I just put the teapot, cup and other bits on it-no spillage! Best wishes, Steve.

After giving too many cups of coffee to the carpet I bought a travel mug with a lid – sorted!

Cool, cheersM

I cant start the day without burning my hand with hot coffee