Carrying things.

Trying to carry things is an absolute nightmare. Previously my wonderful dedicated wife would do it all. This would mostly be the usual run of the mill stuff-cups of tea, plates of food and glasses of wine etc. Now we have a young daughter (4 months), the dynamics have changed somewhat. It seems impossible to find a really smooth running trolley or something that can be pushed without spilling everything. Am I to be left within sight of replenishment but without the means of actually retrieving it? (See Greek myth Tantallus!)

Best wishes, Steve.

Hi Steve, yep it’s a problem.

I’m lucky that I can still carry one thing at a time… makes for a lot of walking back and forth though. Sometimes going to bed feels like moving house. Can’t think why but I seem to have to transport a huge amount of stuff into bedroom!

If cups of tea etc are spilling on trolley, use big mugs and only half fill with tea… same with wine.

I like the Tantallus comment… must google it!

Pat x

Try using a thermos mug with a lid. Not quite the same as bone china, but saves the mopping up.

Of course! I’ll just have to give up my favourite old Everton mug!

Have a good weekend, Steve

Hopefully, you will be able to buy the FA Cup winners 2013 special edition.

Hi Steve, occupational health gave me a lovely little trolley with two shelves on it, which is really light and has a lip around the shelf in case of spills. You could always leave the spoon in your fave cup, it does help to stop it slopping over the edge.


i would imagine you’ve thrown the Everton mug away after today :slight_smile:

I’ve just seen the football-it’s a wonder my mug wasn’t thrown at the TV. At least getting knocked out of the FA cup gioves me the chance to focus on carrying drinks! I think a good trolley and some thought about the cup is the way ahead. Thanks for the ideas.

A slightly disgruntled (with football) Steve.

That’s what I use too. £3 from Matalan keeps my floor drip free.

Why not try a thermos flask and your favourite mug carried in a basket/bag?

I too have problems carrying things - have a trolley but it doesn’t like our carpet very much - so have wondered if a ‘ice-cream’ tray as carried by the ushers in the pictures/shows would work!

Perhaps not as it would just make an even bigger mess when my foot decides to trip me up instead of behaving itself!!!