Small wheelchair/trolley

Dear reader,I hope the blip in the weather is an amusement rather than a problem. I live in a small one bedroom flat and haven’t even been able to drag myself around with the handrails for months .Luckily I built a small trolley thing nearly two years ago. It is only 20 inches wide and allows me to push myself around with my feet and my hands.I can transfer to and from what I need to in the flat

You will need a wheelchair a wooden chopping board,some nuts+bolts a cushion from Home +Bargain, and unless you are a fairly accomplished ‘fiddler’ the help of somebody who is.The trolley didn’t have a fixed back to it,but does now as I’m getting weaker I don’t know what an OT would think or say.(I’ve never had anything to do with them) Apparently there is nothing like this available but without it I would be bedridden and totally helpless

With a free or very cheap old wheelchair and a few bob for bits, I reckon £60ish would cover it.If you are interested put your E-mail address on a PM and I’ll send you a photo.If you fancy having one,we’ll sort things out. Must finish now as I’m whizzing to the kettle.


Wb maybe you’ve come up with something new! I can see you now on Dragon’s Den.

Being a totally impractical person who can’t even put a flat-pack together, my eyes started to glaze over when I read ‘nuts+bolts’… but hey, good luck with it.

What’s the phrase… necessity is the mother of invention…

Pat x

Thanks Pat,but I’m not intending to be going anywhere near a dragon,and don’t have a mother in law. Over the months I have read about peoples’ loss of mobility and problems getting around where they live. Even though I can’t walk, my legs still flop around and there is some strength in my right hand so I can whizz around my flat. I would be COMPLETELY FUKUSHIMERED (well known Japanese nuclear plant) without it.

I have got one simple little idea under consideration with a developement company and constantly modify and adapt things to make my life easier. The new way of washing my hair sitting on the trolley, using the shower over the bath without getting soaked is a winner. Got no exscuse now, but I’ll have to stop using Her shampoo.