The use of a sack trolley.

Finally got to try my sack trolley today. Falling all over the place & struggling to take my old TV to the dump. MYSELF!

Asked numerous people to help & got zip replies. Whilst having a smart meter fitted, I told the woman, fitting the unit, I’ll be back soon. Only a few falls & the back seat of my car covered in a dog terd, the sack trolley wheels found like a magnet. The smell was amazing & the clean up job is going to be so much fun.

Prepare in advance & show those who promised to help, what you can do without them. They’ll still turn up at my funeral, claiming to be caring. The moral of the story is. Do it yourself, even if it kills you & RIP. Their conscience has booked a holiday, at your expense.

Sack trolleys are useful though. Especially when you have PPMS & surrounded by dim witted scroungers.

Used 34p in Gas & Electricity since 9:00AM, 4 hours later. You have to laugh.

Terry is awesome!

Aww Terry , I completely see where you are coming from. My spirit of independence is great too, I hate waiting on others . Lee says I’m too impulsive if there is no-one around to help I’ll have a go myself …it doesn’t always work out though, I’ve had some disasters and last week fell out of the car because I didn’t wait for help to transfer. My new car is much better I usually stay in my chair and come down the ramp , last week I just wanted to sit next to Lee in the front but underestimated the drop. What is a sack trolley Terry ? I’ve never heard of one of those. I hope you are keeping well Terry. Michelle and Frazer xx

The sack trolley is what warehouse folks use to carry heavy items. It basically takes the weight, out of a job. I wait for jobs to get done. Waited 3 years for a work bench to get made. By dozens of false promisses, that I did myself in a day. When the powers that be, gave me my driving license back. After stealing 11k. It show’s me what their plan is. Keep me in doors, so the thieves can target me. They make out, there is nothinbg wrong with my health. To cover their fakery. Too cowardly to just be honest & say what their brainless excuse is. Waiting for me to fail, so they can pretend to be helpers. When all they want, is to help themselves. This all started when I was diagnosed with PPMS & numerous people I knew, claimed they had it too. They avoid me like the plague now & have moved on to other ailments. Not everyone is fake. They lie so much, they convince themselves it’s the truth. It’s a good job I’m able to look after myself. Something they have obviously never been able to do. My parents taught me well, before they passed.

Yes Terry, I too was taught well.

So many try to equate to the same level of gravity as MS. “I get tired too” they blubber as if it makes them an equal. If everyone had our mountain to climb, they would mostly linger at the bottom wailing about the lack of transport to whisk them up to greater heights. If the magic escalator did arrive they would sneer as they passed us by laughing at our hapless efforts to keep going. Yet keep going we do. The false prophets who purport to have our best interests at heart are blind to our pain and suffering.

I worked in a warehouse but never had a sack trolley. It was all hand trolleys and the occasional amenable fork lift truck driver.

I live on a hill. Bring a couple of trolleys and we can race down the road giving the motorists the eeby jeebies lest we scratch their precious paintwork in our uncontrolable cascade into the bottomless pit of doom that I know as Alice Bright Lane.

Stay cool.


Greetings Steve. You know what I’m saying. I’ve being targetted by scroungers, since my diagnosis. Perhaps they think dissabled folks are lucky. They want anything & everything, except the health problems. All I hear about, are folks with headaches & the need for a day off work. I waited years to finally find out why I kept falling, after the retired GP had told me his version of the facts. And taken years of prescribed medication, that was killing me. Because I’m struggling & getted targetted. Who do they believe? Obviously it’s the fakes. The back seat passengers who want to put a claim in, for whip lash, when they weren’t even in the car. It’s so funny. I’m thinking of buying a photo copier & getting a white coat & stethiscope. The list of bullcrap I hear, is sickening in itself. The most hurtfull comment I over heard was. Drop him in the countryside & take his wallet & phone. And that was a fake best friend. Filling a conveyer belt with shopping & dissapearing at a busy supermarket. Folks get jealous of people with genuine problems & make up their version of the truth. I just blank everyone these days. I’ve seen & heard, the darkest side of society. It’s disturbing & foul. All we can do is stay cool Steve. They leave no other option. They have holidays & places to pay for.

I dont know anyone who is jealous of me!

If I wasnt me, I wouldnt want to be me.


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You’re lucky Polls. I thought I knew good folks, but as soon as I seem to have problems. I either get time wasters or advice from drug dealing idiots. Where they come from, I do not know. It’s like a network of brain dead. They actually get away with, faking the PPMS. By asking me questions, about how I feel. Just so they can get PiP or a mobility car. It’s messed up. If they see me shaking & falling over. To them, it’s just an act. When I get so frustrated I can’t talk, It’s just hilarious & they wonder why I’m agitated. Apparently I should be happy I get enhanced everything. When all I ever wanted in life, was to be away from these people. Now I can hardly walk & there’s more vultures than ever. Yay! It’s marvellous. I should go to the pub & celerbrate. I think I’ll just wait until hell freezes over. Take it easy Polls. There must be a few good people out there.