Saved by a sack trolley

It never ceases to amaze me how useful my compact folding sack trolley has become. It fits in a back pack & can wheel about up to four heavy bags of shopping. Going shopping used to be a nightmare. People thinking I’m too weak to walk with bags. Yes I am! My left leg & arm don’t cope too good.

After spending most my time trying to explain to some people why I’m struggling & waiting for them to figure it all out.


Terry is getting used to PPMS & it’s a bloody nightmare. Yet some things actually help.

Thats brilliant Terry, at least it means that you can pick your own food, i do internet shops and its picked by whoever…i always feel fed up if i get a short date. The delivery guys are great, they always bring it in. Sometimes i go to morrisons down the road and bring things back on my wheelchair, ive got a bit carried away at times and worry about tipping up, thankfully I’m heavy enough to keep it on the level. I’m trying to grow some veg this year, one of my carers is helping to plant stuff.

Michelle and Frazer xx

If your`e able to walk this is very useful. Have a sit down when tired, plus something to hold onto while walking.


That looks brilliant Scudger. No good for me though …I only do wall walking or walking in the back garden with the trees where it doesn’t matter if I fall. If ever I improve it would be good Michelle and Frazer xx

Snazzy gadget. It’s quite similar to my sack trolley. Thanks for sharing Scudger! To be honest, having a car has been very useful for my own independence. Now I have my licence back & a blue badge it makes parking close to where I’m going, far easier. It doesn’t stop the thieves waiting at the cash machines, targetting vulnerable folk. Where they all come from, I’ll never know. I’m starting to be very aware of scum bags & all they are interested in. Thank heavens for useful things in our times of need.

Anything that helps, Terry.

We’re as good as anyone.

Keep on choogling.


My sack trolley has been so well used, I’ve upgraded to a steel pull truck. It’s HUGE & going to be awesome, when I start my next project. As a bonus, it’s so sturdy, I’m going to get more exercise. Keep active folks & the grim reaper can wait longer. Terry

I try to use the cash-points inside banks, they’re safer in that there’s cameras so less lurkers!

Sonia x