Hi all, Today has been a turning point for me. I went to shopping outlet Bicester village with my daughter. I thought good idea to try out new crouches. Well we had’nt been there long I needed a rest so We went for coffee. I suggested she went off on her own while I watched the world go by! Well she rang me to say come outside she’d got me something, a scooter! Well I can’t tell you how I felt wierd like everyone was watching! But I got into it really quickly and decided this is the way forward For me! No more sitting on benches or coffee shops! Chris

Atta girl! Good for you. Crutches always look like hard work to me.

I discovered mobility scooters in 1999…best thing since sliced bread!

Dont go too fast and demolish any shop stands.....thats my job!!

luv Polllx

Hi Poll, My problem was the amount of people who don’t look where their going! Few near misses! Shopping will be by scooters from now on! Chris x

Hi Chris, welcome to the scooter club! Got mine two and a bit years ago and haven’t looked back! It really does give you freedom and independence.

Yes in crowds it can be frustrating. I learnt the best way to do it is a change of attitude. I now remind myself that I’m not going to be late for work or anything… so take my time. Everyone steps into your path and there’s no way to avoid it but it does test your ‘scooter skill’ with all that stopping and starting!

I really don’t know how I’d manage without mine now. The longer you use it the more confident you get. I can do a 3-point turn in smallest of spaces.

When I first had it I would worry about leaving it outside small shops or cafe’s, but now I don’t give it a second thought. Make sure you get it insured. Loads of deals online.

Good luck with it!

Pat xx