80kg Sack Trolley

Just purchased from Ebay for under £20 & very useful for moving heavy items.

6 bags of shopping, moved from a car boot to the kitchen is made far easier. Letting the wheels take the weight.

It’s useful for loads of jobs & now it’s hanging on the work room wall.

Take it easy out there & enjoy the fresh air.

Terry (sipping some ginger beer, burp)

Hi Terry

I agree, my hubby has a sack truck and he uses it for umpteen jobs, especially around the garden and moving heavy items.

Pam x

I brought another sack trolley from B&M for £4.99 that fits in a back pack. Tiny, but very useful for transporting heavy items, when stability is an issue. It folds out & transforms into being, virtually as useful as a large heavy duty sack truck. Great for wheeling large boxes & bulky cases. Getting about with things & doing it yourself.

​ The key is, do it yourself & keep busy.

Greetings Terry.

Nail on head there old boy; keep busy, brackets, when you can. One of the most useful devices I ever bought was a kitchen trolley on wheels. It saved a rather circuitous route from kettle to sofa. I’ve just about cleared up the tea stains from the tumble dryer, the piano, the piano stool and the much abused coffee table.

Today I intend to be busy. Must tidy up before the cleaner comes tomorrow.

A Kitchen trolley is useful.

Transferring large boxes, too & from a car would be a bit strange with a kitchen trolley. There’s a difference between uses. I wouldn’t want to give the weirdos an excuse to think I’m losing the plot.

I’m gearing up, to start being very active, outdoors. To escape the mob who hang about outside, drooling at my sound equipment & wondering if I’ll turn my home into a youth club.

There’s a difference, between a piano & a synthesiser too. Young folks have dreams of being pop stars & sound producers these days. You can leave pianos in the street & people walk past. A synthesiser would be in Cash Converters as soon as people weren’t looking. A sign of the times.

Some idiot told the local drug dealers, that weed cures MS, so they hang outside, thinking I’ll buy their choice. Trying to convince me, I should promote their life style. The mindless gossip squad at it’s best.

You should make more mess for your cleaner.