A new symptom

I’ve noticed over the the last week or so when I’m holding anything I seem to drop it but then catch it straight away like my wrist gives way for a second or so, this is quite un merging when you are trying to have a hot drink, does anyone else have anything similar to this?

Hi Drummer boy, yes I frequently drop things, but never manage to catch them unfortunately. When it comes to hot drinks, I use a two handled mug, and hold on with both hands and hope.

Pam xx

Hi pam, I’m lucky at the moment I don’t actually drop it but kind of flinch with it at the wrist just like I’m about to drop it but recover just in time to not drop it but maybe slosh a bit of the drink. I think it’s maybe just a matter of time before I do drop it completely though.


supermarkets and discount place do cheap glasses and mugs! (talking from experience!)


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I drop things. When i have the weak arms I usually take extra precaution, but sometimes it take me by complete surprise, I pick something up and for no reason it just drops out of my hand. I remember years ago when I went to the shop for a jar of coffee and that was all I bought then outside the shop I just dropped it, I always thought it was strange but thinking back that was around the time I first had an episode of vertigo and slurred speech. Michelle and Frazer xx