RR MS diagnosed 2008

I am unable to write or pick up a cup of tea or coffee

I hope you have access to some help.

I live in Dublin Ireland
Have loads of Medical Support
I currently receive Tysabri infusion every 6 weeks
Just want to reach out for emotional support

Sorry to hear that Mandy. My hands not quite that bad right now, have been in a few relapses, so I do know what you mean and how you feel. I don’t write as handwritting is horrible now signing things is a waste of time should anyone try to compare it. Type where possible. Even that can be a challenge. Typing speed much slower than it used to be and I make lots more typing errors I need to correct.

Drinks wise I need to leave around an inch at the top so I don’t spill it. Have my index and ring finger through the handle with are finger above and below and thumb wrapped around the cup. Even then I have a habit of dropping my drink at least once a week. More if I’m tired…done too much same day or way too much day/s. Destroyed quite a few mice and keboards by dropping or knocking over my drinks at my desk. Have a few travel mugs in the cupboard for the really bad days, prob should use them more.

Ty was great, :crossed_fingers:, it keeps your relapses at bay. I know with me it did and I managed to stop using crutches. Walking still sucks, can look drunk even at 9am but atleast I’m not on crutches. Was another guy on Ty that was in a wheelchair when he started it and was using crutches when I met him. Hopefully you manage to recover some while relapses are under control

Thank you so much for your replies.
I feel much less alone and very supported!
My typing is very erroneous.
I am still very much a newbie here​:upside_down_face::blush:

Happy to be helpful. I used to be more read and not post tbh. It is nice to find people to relate to. Unlikely to find someone with exactly the same symptoms/severity but most will have some knowledge and/or experience that we can relate with.

Besides Ty stopping me relapsing I miss the infusions because it was like a little MS support group.

you say your typing is dodgy, all seems ok to me (I have no idea how long it takes!)

My MS is ironic: I am left handed and my MS decided to have a pop at the left hand side of my body :face_with_raised_eyebrow: so now after 29 years with MS I can just about address an envelope (like a 5 year old) and my typing involves a couple of fingers on my non dominant right hand. I am getting a bit quicker but there are always many errors to correct. I hope you are felling less isolated.

Hard to tell someones typing in posts really…plenty of time to edit. I used to be able to manage 120 words per minute. I do around 20 and that’s whlst looking at the keyboard because I struggle to feel the keys to know where my fingers are. Even then I still catch the wrong keys frequently.

No if Mandy or someone else was communicating in real time using an IM app that shows the … when they’re typing it be a bit more obvious. Not a fan of that feature myself.