Hello everyone!

Has anyone had ms tremors??

Hi rchvz!

Your post is a little vague to say the least, but tremors can be a symptom of Multiple Sclerosis. It features as a symptom in the neurological condition Dystonia.

I have RRMS and it has caused me to experience Dystonia- although technically, it is referred to as Secondary Dystonia. It is my overriding MS symptom, unfortunately!

The following NHS website is very informative and gives you all the information you need.

Good luck


Hi yes put it this way id win a disco dancing competition even though i only got up to get a packet of crisps :slight_smile:

head arms hands & legs


I get tremors when stressed (even sometimes watching an action thriller) because my muscles tense or if I am emotionally upset.

Also intentional tremors - caused by reaching for something. This has settled down for now.

For approx 2 years I had what I call a core tremmor which was not pleasant. The bed used to shake like mad and I think it was usually after I had made my body carry on when it needed rest. Sometimes when walking it would start and get so bad I would have to stop. This has stopped now.

You can have a chat about what is happening with the MS nurse or the Outreach team.

Stay relaxed.



Thank you all for your replies!! I really thought I was the only one.