Could someone tell me if tremors are part of ms. My head shakes as if i was nodding yes and i also get them in my tummy but i find if i eat the tummy ones goes away. Could it be ms?

I have tremors in my arm, hand and head, the head tremor gets worse when i lie down which makes sleeping interesting!

I have never had the tummy tremor though, maybe others here have? I have RRMS but from having a family member with another neurological condition i can tell you that not all tremors are caused by MS. Are you being investigated for MS? It is worth mentioning to your GP or neuro - important to rule things out.


As Laura said, tremor can happen in MS, but they also happen in other conditions and they even happen completely in their own for no apparent reason. There are different types of tremor, some are more common in certain conditions, eg resting tremor is very common in Parkinson’s Disease. If your tummy ones go when you eat, I suspect that they aren’t really tremor. Karen x

Hi Anon,

I suffered with head tremors but my head would go from side to side, the neuro called it a NO NO nod, so it sound as though you have a YES YES nod. It is ms with myself but obviously it could be caused by something else. Have you seen your doctor, neuro to get it checked out? hope you manage to find the cause.