Trekinetic wheelchair

Hi Everyone

I wonder if anyone has any experience of Trekinetic power chairs? I tried one at MS Life and was very impressed. It will fi in most cars so more flexible than others and can also be used off road. Lots of positives but of course massive downside is the cost at £10k so requires a lot of research and help in buying one.

There aren’t many around so if anyone has come across them I’d love any feedback.

Thanks v much

That’s a lot o brass lad!

I wonder if you could get a voucher towards one from your wheelchair services bods?


tHe he, I’m a lass not a lad Poll!

Thanks for the suggestion sadly they don’t issue vouchers in my area. It is madly expensive but cheaper than a new car I reckon. I do qualify for enhanced mobility of PIP but need that to live on. Ho hum.

Blimey, you’re well named. That’s exactly what I said when I just looked at the Trekinetic chairs.

Sorry, I have nothing of any value to add, just OMG the cost!!!

But if you can afford one and have tried them out and absolutely want one, then full marks to you. I’d be interested to know if anyone’s got experience of them.


Hi again. I’m using part of my DLA to pay for my electric wheelchair. It costs £102 a month.

Sorry about the wrong gender!


Here are some Germans showing off their Segway Sitting Bull wheelchairs.

“… fastest wheelchairs on only one axis.”


Hi again

Thanks for responses much appreciated. Yes Sue cost is scary and i would have to use savings but if a wheelchair can be cool it is! Designed by Formula One engineer who thought there must be a better design. Was stopped twice by people asking about it when I was testing it on weekend.

Not to worry Poll- i do sound like a lad!

And thanks PJ -those are amazing. Going to do some more research.

Cheers all

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Just to add check Now this is cool. I don’t use a wheelchair yet but the way things are progressing it might come to that in a few years and I take note of ‘cool’ things that I may need to use savings for in the future. They’ve been refining it for a while and it looks like it’s going into full production next year. Think price is in same region as the trekinetic.

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This looks amazingly cool. Worth saving for. But I switched off when I read that you have to use core strength and upper body to move them. If you’ve got no ‘core’ you’re stuffed.

So while you’re planning for a potential future, make sure you do your physio exercises to keep your core as strong as possible. Unfortunately, when the first physio said I had a weak core, I didn’t know what she was talking about. So I didn’t do any targeted exercises to make it stronger. Until it was too late. Now I know the importance of core strength, it’s a bit too late. I do the little that I can, but it’s not enough.


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Heavens to Betsy! Thanks for that, i haven’t heard of Ogotechnology but what they are doing is amazing. Someone I know has had to give up her power chair as her manual dexterity made the controls too difficult so a handsfree chair is seriously good news.

Thanks v much

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There are a few using the Segway technology - Genny is Swiss/Italian. These new designs make our chairs look extremely utilitarian.

I’ll buy another Lottery ticket this Christmas.


Ssssue. Don’t give up on your core strength. I do Pilates twice a week and there are exercises I struggle with due to stiffness, unable to hold legs up, but a good teacher can adapt exercises to help you effectively. It’s all gentle but the effect is wonderful.

I too tried one at MS Life, but at 10k, its only on my wish list! I did my research tho and there Is somewhere you can hire one

I expect demand will be high and it has to collect from somewhere down south, but if you needed to try one for a few days to decide…?

Hi everyone

Thanks so much for your pointers. There are some great products but crikey they cost. The Genny is £14.5k! There is a Trekinetic distributor in Bolton and he brought one round last weekend to test. Sadly cost meant he couldn’t/wouldn’t loan it out but it was great. Tested it on pavements and grass/ rough tracks which it coped fine with although was very muddy after!

The designer was prompted to tackle a new kind of wheelchair when he saw a young, trendy lad in a wheelchair nd thought there must be a more modern option.

Anyway, off to get a Euromillions ticket now :slight_smile:

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Hello blimey… i did post a while back, after trying out both the Genny and Trek at MS Life. To be honest, we’re shameless roadshow-junkies and have seen the Trek at Naidex, MS Life, and Mobility roadshow.

Has gone from “hmmm nice but out of my league” to “maybe maybe”. Due to assistance from my son, and I am chasing grants, I just may get one.

I too had a visit from Mal from Bolton - I was rather nervous having not been able to access rough ground for DECADES!!

I bumped into a girl at Gardeners World Live in one and she said “worth the money”, so that encouraged me.

Like you tho, I’de ask again - has anyone bought one?? Tales from the cliff face would be welcome!

Has anyone seen the Nino? It’s a segway wheelchair like the Genny but it’s half the price and less than half the weight - 37kg rather than 89kg. It costs £7k (only cheap when compared with Genny and Trek). Google magic mobility to see it.

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Design problems:

I suppose when you design a wheelchair you have to consider how many customers you will have.

This is not an idea neuro wheelchair for folk with MS due to our upper body weakness. A cheap, no frills, off-road powerchair

would be fantastic though - priced around £1,000.

I notice ebay used Ottobock 400 powerchairs can be bought for £500+ or Puma 40 [front wheel drive] ones for £1,000.

I might try one of those for off-roading.