Wheelchair prescription

Hi everyone,
I’m in the process of getting a wheelchair on prescription. Iv been informed that I can use the voucher and put it towards an electric chair of my choice.
My question I guess is can anyone recommend a stable,all terrain chair that is powerful with hills and can travel 30 miles plus on a single charge. I realise all chair prescriptions are based on individual circumstances and need, but an indication of what the voucher is worth would be very helpful. The net is full of electric chairs from £1000 to several thousands.
.thank you

Cant recommend as have not got one yet but have been in a similar situation and done research. Lots of online places will bring chairs out to you to try out with no pressure to buy. Have done this with a couple of companies.

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Interesting and quite demanding requirement! I’m like a dalek (1st gen) and tend to avoid anything more than uneven ground. From a lifestyle perspective, how do you plan to use such a device as suddenly, I feel like I could be missing out!

Look up Boma. It would fulfil your requirements but the range would be less. Stayed at Hoe Grange cabins in the Peak District. They have two for hire. Not practical for pottering to the shops and you would need a trailer to transport it. It is necessary to traverse their fields to the High Peak trail. Semi recumbent and feels very safe. Terrain would defeat Tramper scooter and most mountain bikes. Easy to outstrip people walking. People on bikes could outpace going downhill but reverse position going up.

Thanks for your reply. Now a 24/7 wheelchair user so getting it right is vital. The more esearch I do the more I am finding out which on turn is narrowing down my choices. I now know that a mid drive wheelchair would probably suit my needs more and they are the most expensive.
I think I will do what you suggested and get some home demonstrations booked.
Thank you

Have a look on Living Made Easy which is run by a charity and has a detailed database on every imaginable product or service about independent living. There’s even a page about powered scooters & chairs All-Terrain Powered Wheelchairs etc.

I have an all terrain electric wheelchair. didnt know i could get prescription for one. I paid for mine.

i have had it 2 years. OK is this dual purpose? I have mine inside no where to store it. I have found all the all terrain way too big for home use. I will get a photo of mine for you. It does about 30miles has 2 lots of batteries in the side bars. Its all terrain.

I used to have a scooter but moved to sheltered. i need the wheelchair to access the laundry and rubbish areas, so tend to take it out on short distance to give the dog a walk.

the only thing i will say is grass is fine BUT MUD isnt. LITTLE culvert inclines can be a nightmare as the front wheels are pretty unstable. I would never go far with mine on my own. I much preferred the combi of scooter for out and wheelchair for access and just around my complex. I never venture away from it. Yes its powerful i just dont trust it. my paths are very uneven and it does ok, but slight culvert slopes he hates, grass just a bit wet it can slip.

there are some better ones now you can expect to pay 2 to 3,000 for them.

wouold you not be better off with a power chair? My friend had late state RRMS and would go out everyday with his dog in his powerchair and he used it indoors too.

as to perscription didnt know about that lol.

this is VERY SIMILAR to mine. I like the fact you can take the batteries out they are lightweight and can be charged seperate, so you always have one side charged.

Thanks,yes I will look at that.

Yes like you I’m not over confident in the chair I have. I feel like I’m going to fall out at any time. Hopefully when I get a mud drive chair it will be safer and will feel more relaxed in it.

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Hi, I did buy my first 3 electric chairs and then went with Wheelchair Services. My current chair would cost 7.5k!!! It isnt an all terrain one but suits my needs.

Would a voucher over the whole cost?

Iv been accepted by wheelchair sercusez but not had an assessment yet. I know roughly the cost of a mid drive wheelchair but do t know how much the voucher will cover. Does it vary in different parts of the country,I’m not sure.
Did you mean that the voucher covered the cost of your chair?

Hi again. I got my chair from them…not a voucher.

I went through wheelchair services to get an electric wheelchair and was amazed to learn that they could obtain certain wheelchairs at a price much lower than the price for the public eg £7000 to the public, £2000 to the NHS. This makes wheelchairs that seem far outside your price bracket , obtainable on the NHS. However this only applies to certain wheelchairs on their list.

That’s good to know. I had a private company out and the wheelchair wad over 7000. Waiting to see what wheelchair services can offer me.