Treats for caring partners

Hi My hubby has registered with the Carers association as a practical measure, in case he is ever incapacitated and I need help. Anyway a letter arrived a couple of weeks ago, welcoming him and containing all kinds of practical advice, which he duly filed away for future reference. Lo and behold another lovely letter has arrived offering him £120 if he wishes to claim it, for a treat for himself. It must be used for something purely for him to give him some time out from his caring duties. We didn’t even know such a thing existed…isn’t that a lovely idea? Catherine

I’ve never heard of that - it is a lovely idea indeed!

Karen x

Yes, it is lovely. My hubby is a member of theCarers` Project and has had the treat twice now.

Hope he does apply and gets it.

luv Polllx

The problem is, he can’t think of anything he wants to do with it!! I suspect, given the pole in our bedroom is currently out of action, a club in the city would be his preferred option. LOL. would like to be a fly on the wall when the committee read that application.

brilliant Mrs H, you make me giggle