Carers Allowance - Is it worth gettin it? :(


My partner has been awarded ‘cares allowance’ for caring for me. We were pleased with this, as it meant that my partner can be here all the time now, to help with my needs…

However, we have just found out this morning, that he is now not going to have any ‘free’ healthcare with the NHS ANYMORE. This includes any Dental work that he needs now, he will have to pay in full for now :frowning:

Thing is, we cannot afford this and now im worried sick, as don’t know what to do now regarding this. Can anyone help and advice me on this please? Has anyone else, had this problem and did you find a way to solve it please?

Ty you in advance,

Anna x

Why has he lost his help with health care are either of you getting over benifits if so a call to citizens advice might help

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Hi, my hubby used to get CA for looking after me.It was a small amount and he also got a works pension. He was taxed on both and it worked out to about 35p an hour! He could`ve earned about £90 a week, but couldnt leave me alone.

Our total income was used to calculate what help we got with NHS costs (dental and specs). We were awarded full help.

You need to check with NHS health costs bods if they have the right info on you.

Up till March this year, we still got full help with all costs. But then I went on state pension and now we have to pay the majority of these costs.



Ty for your replies…

It is the Dentists that have said that he would have to pay now, as apparently people who are claoming CA allowance; have to pay for certain healthcare costs. Ridiculous, as if he was on another benefit such as job seekers or ESA then there would be no cost then :frowning:

My partner can not go out to work as I need him here full time now,due to my MS and other medical issues. Hence why we are claiming carers now :frowning:

So what can I and my partner do about this problem now? Who do we contact to get things righted please?

Ty again for all of your help, really appreciate it guys

Tc Anna x

Hi my wife gave her main job up on April to become my carer she applied for carers allowance and now they messing us about saying she not entitled to it for April and May because of her earnings but she hasn’t earn anything since 10th April and they want to know her monthly earnings upto June as she has another part time job.we ate nearly £100 a week down since she gave her job up and she’s been told that they will not back Date her claim.any advice please.

The best place to go when you are in dispute with the DWP about eligibility is Citizens Advice Bureau. They are very good at getting to the heart of problems like these