Treat me right campaign

Hi Everyone. Just a quick message to let you all know that I received an e mail from my MP. He said he wanted to update me on progress. He has contacted the Secretary of State and if they don’t get back to him very soon he’s taking it further himself. I know he’s only one voice but it was good to get a message out of the blue showing that our campaigns do have some effect.

The fact that his brother is disabled and has been treated just as badly by ATOS telling him that there’s nothing wrong etc helps I’m sure but I don’t care, he listens.

Take care

Cath xx

Well done Cath, every little helps, just a shame that we have to go to these lengths to make someone listen.

Pam x

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Good stuff Cath. I, for one, have never been taken in by all this "all politicians are the same, just in it for themselves, noses in the trough, etc etc’. As in any walk of life you get some excellent ones, some average ones and some dud ones…


what gets me is thatt nothing gets done it never changes.

I useed to be on the church PCC and always said the fastest way to do anything slowly is to leave it to a commitee.


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